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Why Seiko Is So Good

Posted on 29 July 2005 by John Biggs

Great post from the Dive Watch Forum:

Your previous post regarding watches you’ve had forever. This watch was my high-school grad present from my Dad in 1971, and I’ve had it ever since (obviously). It has been run over by a car, shot at, lost for four months in the snow (I went back later with a borrowed metal detector in the Spring). It’s literally been through Hell, and I will never part with it. It cost $95.00 brand new, and isn’t worth much more than that now but in terms of ‘priceless’ possessions, it’s at the top of the list.

Read the whole thing here.

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Omega Makes You Take Off Your Shirt

Posted on 29 July 2005 by John Biggs

The latest from Omega’s “Quality of Life Police” – You are no longer allowed to wear shirts or have hair when wearing the Planet Ocean. We are sorry.

Read more here

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Seiko Orange Monster Chrono

Posted on 29 July 2005 by John Biggs

I don’t like quartz chronos that well but this one is purdy. $230 ain’t half bad.

Check it out here

You can buy it here, apparently.

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Review – Torgoen T2

Posted on 27 July 2005 by John Biggs

Torgoen makes a line of professional pilot watches that sell considerably less than standard Quartz chronos and have a styling and utility that rivals some of the bigger houses. The T2 is a 4-register chrono with 1/10, second, and 30 minute timers with split and lap functionality. Add on a flight computer slide rule bezel and you have a winner.
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What’s Inside a Sandoz Sub?

Posted on 27 July 2005 by John Biggs

Reto of the PMWF posted this a few years ago but it’s definitely still fresh. Excellent close up look at the insides of my favorite beater, the Sandoz Submariner-alike.

Check it out here.

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Best Beater Thread

Posted on 27 July 2005 by John Biggs

Nice thread on the BIG Watch Forum about the best cheap beaters. Some interesting ideas.

I would say my best beater is the Sandoz Diver. Automatic, withstands gardening and wall fixing, and looks nice.

Check out the entire threa here.

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Orbit Watch

Posted on 27 July 2005 by John Biggs first picked this up but it’s a particularly clever little take on the whole sundial concept.

Check it out here.

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Fratello and WWR are Both 1 Year Old

Posted on 25 July 2005 by John Biggs

Not to horn in on RJ’s party, but WWR is also one year old this month. Fratello Watches and WWR were probably the first two WordPress watch blogs out there and it’s been a great ride working with RJ through all kinds of crazy antics, from Motres Allison Cease and Desist attacks to a massive crash that blew out my entire past article archive. Although I was thinking of giving up a month ago, I’m proud that I can celebrate this one-year anniversary along with Fratello.

Happy Birthday, Us!

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