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The Equalizer Watch Strikes Again

Posted on 30 May 2006 by John Biggs

Apparently enough people actually bought these watches the first time so that TokyoFlash would find the world needing of another Equalizer Watch. The lights get pushed up and fall down just like a real equalizer. When the correct time passes, a column disappears and starts all over again.

C’mon, Japan, why? Just looking at this makes me want to poke my eyes out.

Cool New Equalizer High Frequency 2 Japanese Wristwatch [Wrist Dreams]

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D.Freemont: The D Stands for Deals!

Posted on 30 May 2006 by John Biggs


D.Freemont is selling some nice Davosas for a little bit of nothing. The movements in there are worth the price of admission alone:

1 – 38mm manual wind, view back, Peseux 7001 movement -
very good condition $235

2 – 42mm manual wind, view back, Unitas 6498 movement – excellent – $245

3 – 44mm auto wind, view back, ETA 25 jewel movement – exceptional – $255

Take a look. We can’t recommend David and Davosa enough.

Davosa Sale – Scroll Down [D.Freemont]

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Vulcain Golden Voice

Posted on 30 May 2006 by John Biggs


Vulcain is working on a new line of classic pieces made of precious medals. Called the Golden Voice, they’re much fancier than the GMT models we all know and love. Be thankful that Vulcain isn’t making showers…

Vulcain Golden voice – new luxury brand story [Luxury Gadgets]

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A for Creativity, D for Execution

Posted on 29 May 2006 by scott


Gotta give the photographers and designers at Outside magazine credit. For Timing is Everything, a roundup of eight luxury, waterproof watches, they decided to show the timepieces underwater. Whether the watches were literally submerged during the shoot or if this just Photoshop manipulation, it sounds like a cool idea.

The problem? Some of the watches you just cannot see at all.

Featured in the roundup is Timex’s E-Tide & Temp, Tag Heuer’s Link Automatic Chronograph, Swiss Army’s Base Camp Chrono, Breitling’s Bentley GT edition, Seiko’s Sportura Kinetic Chronograph, Skagen’s 721 XLTRB, Kobold’s SMG-1, and Oris’s Chronoris.

In particular, the Skagen 721 XLTRB gets screwed. That’s it, forlorn and overlooked in the photograph below. It’s the one at about 10 o’clock, facing forward, so you can barely see the face. The red crown is the most distinguishing aspect of how this watch is shown.

Shooting these types of fashion roundups can be difficult. And to do something creative and unusual is even more challenging. But in this instance, the water and arrangement simply makes it too hard to actually see the watches.


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Posted on 28 May 2006 by John Biggs


A reader sent us his cool Ajax Amazon Watch Browser, Sexy sliding bars let you set your price – from $1 to $41,000(!!!!!!!!!) and type as you go queries add some OS X to the mix.

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NY Rangers’ Michael Nylander Awarded “Tissot Best Player Award”

Posted on 26 May 2006 by John Biggs

So Tissot, not only do you love Indy Racing, and specifically Danica Patrick, but you’re a hockey fan also.

Swiss watch company Tissot, Official Timekeeper of the Ice Hockey World Championship, presented the Best Player Award of the Finals to Sweden-native and current New York Rangers stand-out Michael Nylander. Jan Bulis from the Czech Republic (and Montreal Canadiens) also received a watch from Tissot for his efforts in the championship game.

Not only did they get an award, they got an Ice-T (no relation to the actor/rapper) watch.

Perfect for any hockey player or fan, the special edition Tissot Ice-T has an ultra-modern sports design inspired by the hockey rink with its dial featuring a goal area, ice-markings and an inner ring that is ice-blue. A useful function allows the wearer to follow the exciting last minute countdown at the end of the game. The watch dial also features the title, “Ice Hockey World Championship,” and the case back showcases an engraving of a hockey player with stick and puck.

The watch is lightweight and features a carbon-fiber coating with a blue strap. Think there’s enough time for me to train for the 2007 season?

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Omega Railmaster: Powerfully Big

Posted on 26 May 2006 by John Biggs

For guys that like big cars, big women and big living, the Omega Railmaster puts a gigantic watch on your wrist. Chad the Watch Guy enjoys big watches as much as the next guy, with the Hulk being the next guy. With almost 50MM of watch, you could use this to kill a man.

Big vs. Bigger [Chad The Watch Guy]

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Tissot Danica Patrick T-Touch

Posted on 25 May 2006 by John Biggs

OK, Tissot, we’ve got it. You like NASCAR. This is the latest in their racing themed pieces. It’s a limited edition T-Touch, only 500 made, designed for Danica Patrick, “a Tissot ambassador since 2005 and Indy Racing League driver [who] took home last season’s IRL Rookie of the Year award.”

This one will cost $750 and is available at authorized Tissot resellers.

Tissot’s Danica Patrick T-Touch Limited Edition comes with all the high-tech features consumers have come to expect in their T-Touch. The T-Touch offers proprietary tactile technology that is activated with the touch of the owner’s finger. Functions for the T-Touch include a compass, alarm, altimeter, barometric pressure (meteo), date, time, chronograph and thermometer. The Danica Patrick T-Touch Limited Edition also features a unique white leather strap with red stitching and a special case back with Indy racing car, Danica’s engraved signature and limited edition number.

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