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Omega Dynamic Setting Question

Posted on 30 June 2006 by John Biggs

Just picked up this NOS Omega Dynamic… looks real, works well. I’m trying to set the day-date. Does anyone know how to do it? I pulled the crown out to a “third” position, which just spins. Not sure if I’m missing something?

UPDATE – So you actually pull the crown out all the way to flip the date. Very strange. Thanks, Ben.

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Buy My Oris – SOLD

Posted on 29 June 2006 by John Biggs

I have an eBay auction running for my manual wind date-pointer Oris. Head on over and get you a deal.

Auction [Ebay]

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Bathy’s Automatics Are GO!

Posted on 29 June 2006 by John Biggs

Got a note from John over at Looks like the Bathy’s Autos are a go. NB: They are only making 25 each of each dial color – black and silver – and each permutations of the case colors (silver, black, and UV). It will have a date window—not big date—and run the ETA 2824-2. Important info follows:

• There will be three PVD case colors: Silver, Black and the now-infamous Ultraviolet. These are ultra-hard titanium nitride coatings applied in a vacuum chamber that increase the surface hardness of the 316L steel cases 10-15X.
• There will be two dial colors: matte black and sunburst silver/grey, so six possible variations (25 of each type).
• The watches will be powered by an ETA 2824-2, 25-jewel mechanical movement running at 28,800 bph, with 38 hour power reserve. I will personally time and adjust each watch at the bench – I’m shooting for +/- 5 seconds per day.

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Help Me Clean Out My Watch Case

Posted on 29 June 2006 by John Biggs


I’m cleaning out my “good” watch case and have a few pieces I’d like to sell. First up, we have this very nice Seiko 6309 chronograph. This was in the the Seiko repair center last year and works beautifully. One major scratch on the plastic crystal that I didn’t buff out and I’ll include the spring bars for this one. I took off the NATO strap that I wore with it because it was kind of ratty, but you can get a new one at WatchUSeek. $150 shipped for a working and very handsome chrono.

NB – Email john at wristwatchreview dot com if you’re interested.

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Oof! Waiting is the Hardest Part Part Deux

Posted on 27 June 2006 by John Biggs


Ok, so I guess I’m OK. I just hope I don’t get my Seamaster back in the same shape !

When the watch first came back (about a month late against the estimate) it had been gouged by the tooling and was sent back for polishing but after rework it came back with a new gouge! This, to save time, was polished out in a couple of days by a local watch repairer kindly arranged by my dealer to alleviate my frustration at this stage. I received my watch back on 10 Oct 2003 (2 months later than the original estimate). This was short lived however, as within about 2 days the lower chrono button was loose and hanging off. It was returned once again for rework.

I picked up my Speedmaster on 5 November 2003, nearly 6 months after originally dropping it off for service. Ironically, I also picked up my (perfectly) repaired Seamaster on the same date. The Speedmaster was apparently working fine gaining ~6 secs/day. However, in February 2004, I noticed that not only was the watch apparently letting water in (splashed from hand washing) the chronograph second sweep hand now resets around +2secs.

I’d say that we actually need more watchmakers. I’ve been considering going to watch repair school at some point, and this might be the time.

Omega Speedmaster Service Screwed up by Swatch! [Velociphile]

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Waiting is the Hardest Part

Posted on 26 June 2006 by John Biggs

So I put a Seamaster Chrono in for some repair with the Swatch Group. Called once in April… “Oh, it’ll be ready in a week. Call back.” Ok. Cool. Call again: June 29th, baby, but don’t worry, we’ve got the parts! Then I call today and they tell me July 19. Seriously. I’m all for taking time and doing things right, but this is just ridiculous. If Apple, Lexus, or Bose, or any of those high-end folks tried this, they’d be shut down in a week.

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Exclusive Linde Werdelin Watch Hands-On

Posted on 26 June 2006 by John Biggs


Got a chance to fondle the Linde Werdelin Biformeter and I have a much better idea of what’s up now. Essentially, this is a really fancy watch with a strange attachment that covers the mechanical part and adds a number of digital functions.

The wristwatch itself costs about $4,000 for a steel model and the digital device costs $1,800. They snap together like Voltron to form the super ninja Biformeter.
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Linde Werdelin Biformeter

Posted on 23 June 2006 by John Biggs

unknown.jpgI’m meeting with these guys next week but I thought I’d give you all a little sneak peek. I don’t quite know what’s going on here, but somehow this watch is attached to a tiny computer that measures a number of environmental conditions. The detachable part has a thermometer, pulse meter, chronometer, compass, barometer, and altimeter and was inspired by a “near death experience in the mountains in Switzerland.” I suspect he saw the prices at the ski-lodge snack bar.

Not quite sure how this is different from the T-Touch, but we will soon see, I suppose.

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