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Velociphile Gets Cheeky: Watch Love Signs

Posted on 29 November 2006 by John Biggs

b6.jpgWhat kind of lover are you? The Velociphile will help you suss out your style:

Panimo – Gullible, you like clocks and have a small one.

Sinfortima – Nobody pulls the wool over your eyes. A bit dull, you manage to live life pretty hard. Decisive, you have a big one.

Watch Lovers Nine Signs [Velociphile's Journey into Watches]

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Bell & Ross Chronograph Aeronavale

Posted on 29 November 2006 by John Biggs


Mmmm… tasty. A new B&R. This is an ETA base caliber, probably a 7750, with 42 hour power reserve. It costs about $3,500, which actually isn’t that bad, and looks like a monster.

TimeZone: Industry News: N E W M o d e l – Bell & Ross Chronograph Aeronavale [TimeZone]

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Harry Winston Ocean Diver

Posted on 29 November 2006 by John Biggs


Looks like Harry has made a nice diver chrono in honor of Andre Agassi. Yep, that’s right. Good old Andre. It sold at auction for $110,000. They better include all of Andre’s hair in that little package.

Harry Winston Ocean Diver [PROFESSIONAL WATCHES]

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Watchismo: Great Holiday Gifts

Posted on 28 November 2006 by John Biggs


Did your sig other ask for a Calvin Klein watch for Christmas? Slap them and head over to Watchismo where there are some amazing bargains to be had in classic timepieces. I’m loving this Exactima chrono, for example, and it’s only $325. Go for it, people.


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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted on 23 November 2006 by John Biggs

A happy thanksgiving to all our readers. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday.


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Another new for today – Linde Werdelin

Posted on 17 November 2006 by John Biggs

So a new watch maker Linde Werdelin has come to our attention. While I dont love the Flash website, I do like the look of a number of their models.
They have 2 basic models – the Elemental and Two-Timer, the Elemental uses an ETA 2892-2 elaborée mechanical movement whilst the Two-Timer has an ETA 2893-2 elaborée mechanical movement to provide two time zones. Each has a 42-hour power reserve, a calendar at 4 o’clock – and a personalised LINDE WERDELIN oscillating weight.
There is an add on for either of these models which turns the watch into what they are calling a Biformeter essentially is is an add on computer which can display various functions, like a compass, altimeter, barometer and even heart rate. One of the founders, Morten Linde believes: “Analogue is how you read watches. Digital is how you assimilate technical details.” and so they have created this add on to enable you to do this. The technology behind the computer unit is pretty spiffy too including “- A state-of-the-art wireless sensor network allows up to 1 Mbit/second data transfer at a distance of up to 50 metres. The network is compatible with numerous types of sensor and input/output devices.”

Anyway, enough of my rambing, head on over to and check them out.

Have a great weekend.

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New Paernai blogger in town

Posted on 17 November 2006 by John Biggs

PaneraiIf you haven’t already checked him out, head on over the the Panerai blogger – here’s right there at Lots of photos and other ‘lifestyle’ items on show.

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Maurice Lacroix Miros Sport

Posted on 16 November 2006 by John Biggs

Maurice Lacroix Miros Sport-thumb.jpg
Lacroix just dropped a big date chrono. Pretty interesting looking. I like the yellow.

Maurice Lacroix Miros Sport [PROFESSIONAL WATCHES]

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