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Omega Launches Latest In-House Movement

Posted on 31 January 2007 by John Biggs


Omega has traditionally used standard ETA or Valjoux movements in almost all of their pieces. The movements are considerably improved over the regular models, but they still come from the same pot. Now, however, they’re making their own COSC-certified movement with 202 components. It’s called the 8500/8501 and will wind up in their higher-end pieces for now.

Always at the forefront of technical innovations and renowned as the watchmaking company which produced the first-ever industrialised movement, OMEGA presented its exclusive in-house manufacture calibre 8500/8501 to a select audience during a press conference which took place today at the Cité du Temps in Geneva.
Replete with technologically- advanced features, the new automatic movement is a COSC*-certified chronometer comprising 202 completely redesigned components. It is naturally equipped with an upgraded version of OMEGA’s proprietary Co-Axial technology guaranteeing prolonged timekeeping accuracy and reliability over time. This virtuoso 13-lines movement has two barrels which increase the energy source to provide greater stability, thus ensuring an impressive 60-hour power reserve.

OMEGA unveils its exclusive in-house manufacture movement and launches its new Hour Vision collection. [Press Release]

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How Smooth is An Automatic Watch?

Posted on 31 January 2007 by John Biggs

smoothie.jpgForums are a goldmine today. A lot of people assume that automatics move as smoothly as butter. This is not the case. Sweep second hands “tick” but they tick up to 8 times per second, making them look like they are moving without stopping. Remember – these are still gears and gears have teeth. Even the most beautiful Rolex still “ticks” a little. If it’s ticking once per second, then you’ve got a quartz or a big problem.

How smoothly should a ETA 2834-2 movement sweeping hand move? – Watchuseek Watch Forums

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Which Sub-$500 Chrono?

Posted on 31 January 2007 by John Biggs

Swiss Army Chrono Auitomatic FA18 24464 Mens WatchGreat thread over at WuS about sub-$500 chronos. I second the notion that the Swiss Army chronos are killer and very inexpensive. Hamilton should be down in the $500 range as well.

There are some Swiss Army 9G 600 Chronograph going on ebay now for $450, they have the valjoux 7750 movement. You don’t often see that caliber movement at that low price. There is a massive thread in the affordable forum here talking about them.

Which chrono watch under 500$ – Watchuseek Watch Forums

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John Mayer, Just Blaze Likes Them Some Big Watches

Posted on 31 January 2007 by John Biggs

Very interesting video featuring enough blinged out watches to choke a horse. Watches, to me, aren’t jewelry. I consider them to be as indispensable as a cellphone. But if the love of pave diamonds brings back the mechanical watch industry, I’m all for it.

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Bell & Ross Type Aéronavale Limited Edition

Posted on 29 January 2007 by John Biggs

bell_ross_montre-thumb.jpgAny watch description that begins with “At the request of the French Naval Air Force…” has to be some sort of hoax. But no, Bell & Ross made 150 of the Bell & Ross Type Aéronavale for real fliers. Damn nice of them.

Bell & Ross Type Aéronavale Limited Edition [PROFESSIONAL WATCHES]

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Charging a Kinetic With a Sonicare Toothbrush Charger

Posted on 29 January 2007 by John Biggs

philips-sonicare-elite.jpgUmm? Amazing? True? Dangerous?

Last night, when I was brushing my teeth with my sonicare tootbrush, I thought of using the charger to charge my watch. I said, what the heck, my watch is 7 years old anyway and I put the watch on top of the toothbrush charger. I left it overnight and lo and behold this morning , it was at full charge. The only thing I noticed is that the watch is a bit warm and I thought it might have been overcharged. Up to now, the watch is in full charge. It would have been better if I had monitored the charging until it was full charge or used a timer to avoid overcharging.

Seiko & Citizen Forum

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New Glycine Combat Line

Posted on 29 January 2007 by John Biggs

chrono07je1.jpgLooks like Glycine is updating their Combat line with new movements and looks. I like the Combat line – Glycine knows how to make neon faces and they look incredible. The Airman is their most popular watch so these are considerably less expensive and tres cool.

The COMBAT 07 Automatic looks every inch a classic and embodies everything that a functional quality watch should be “and nothing more, quite consciously,” says Katherina Brechbühler. The lines of the new automatic COMBAT are clean in every respect, from the casing to the dial and the hands. The ergonomics have improved over those of its predecessor, which is why the watch fits the wrist even better. The COMBAT 07 Automatic is fitted with the ETA 2824 movement, which can be seen through the glass back, has a scratch-resistant sapphire glass and is waterproof up to 50 metres. It is available with three different dials: black/orange, white/grey and blue/orange, and with a leather strap or metal bracelet. Despite its top quality, this mechanical watch is extremely

Watch Industry News GLYCINE The COMBAT family is expanding >>> Post contains Picture(s)s [PMWF]

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Two Fave Watch Posts

Posted on 28 January 2007 by John Biggs

Forum has two threads: show us your fave Scorpion wrist shots and your overall favorite wrist shot.

If you need someplace to upload your images, try Flickr or Photobucket (my personal fave).

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