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Orsa watch forum douchery

Posted on 27 June 2008 by John Biggs

What the heck?

Man! I joined the Orsa forum on 3′Ts back in Feb 07 but never posted (didn’t bookmark the site, my bad) and recently found it again…started posting…and got locked out! To make a long story short the stupid IP address that comes out of the company I work for all comes out the same so when a coworker signed into the forum they thought I had 2 accounts and locked us both out! Serious bummer! Now I can’t post about Orsa watches on their forum…..the moderators response was and I quote “our records show you joined in Nov. 07′ and not one post till’ today? Looks like you’ll live without us….enjoy the forums you call home” …believe that?! Sooo bummed! Does anyone know if Orsa has another forum?

Here is the full thread. Trust me, guys: I’ll never block ANY of you. Unless you curse.

Update – It was Orsa, which is a little more understandable.

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Are big watches over?

Posted on 27 June 2008 by John Biggs

Chad the Watch Guy is reporting that he’s seeing a max out in big watches at 42mm which means even rappers and oligarchs won’t go around wearing pie plates on their wrists for much longer. I can handle a 50mm+ sports watch, but 42mm is a bit big for a mechanical, non? Your thoughts?

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Review: Casio Pathfinder PAW-1500T

Posted on 27 June 2008 by John Biggs

IMG 3666

I’m a mechanical man, but sometimes you need a sports watch to withstand the hard knocks associated with heavy activity like “drinking at a bar” and “sitting on the back porch with a beer.”

I’ve worn Pathfinders for years now – my first one was a large titanium model with that is basically a cousin to this one. Pathfinders are part of Casio’s outdoor line, designed for hiking and skiing. This model has a compass, barometer, thermometer, altimeter, and stopwatch built in along with a tide graph. It is water resistant to 200 meters.

IMG 3663IMG 3667IMG 3662IMG 3664IMG 3665

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Dievas Watches – Diverse Divers’ Watches

Posted on 19 June 2008 by John Biggs

The proprietor of Gnomon Watches, a Singapore based on-line watch dealer, Anders Tan wasn’t happy just selling watches, so he took the next step and started making them. Dievas Watches got off to a slow start with the now discontinued Mesopelagic line, and the Endurance and Noble lines which are still in production. The designs were conventional, but they used tritium tube illumination and looked like fairly robust dive watches.

Then he released the Oceantimer series. This was a little more dramatic and distinctive, and was worth a second look. The Vintage series came out as an homage to a certain Italian military dive watch from the 1930s, but in a price range mere mortals can afford. Then the Divergraph series hit the street, and I just had to talk with this guy.

After getting bachelor’s degrees in Computer Engineering and Business in England, he went into the watch business. He’s very humble about his position in the market, giving credit to the watchmakers, distributors, and regular customers, and is grateful for their guidance and everything they’ve taught him. Anders was quick to acknowledge the contributions to his watch designs from his friends and customers.

When asked about the inspirations for his designs, Anders said, “I love watches. And appreciate all things watches. From Vintage to contemporary watches. I have my fair share of vintage and military watches that I managed to gather throughout the years. And a lot of my inspirations comes from there.” The military look, both contemporary in the Divergraph series, and classic in the Vintage series shines through in his newest lines. He went on to say, “And most of my designs so far has been focusing on simplicity and usability with a splash of colors.” And the use of orange and blue tritium tubes in the Divergraphs, and the hands on the Vintage Kampfschimmer is subtle and tasteful, achieving this goal.
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Bulova lost at sea 55 years ago returned to owner

Posted on 09 June 2008 by John Biggs

I gave my wife a Bulova and that thing wouldn’t last 5 minutes under water. Teddy Bacon’s gold Bulova lasted 55 years.

The last time Teddy Bacon saw his expensive gold watch it was sinking down into the harbour in Gibraltar.

That was in 1941, and the watch had slipped off his wrist when Lieutenant Bacon threw a line to shore from his ship, HMS Repulse.

After two divers failed to find his lost treasure, the young officer gave up on ever seeing it again.

The Bulova Automatic, wrapped in a brown paper bag, did not seem at all the worse for wear after decades on the ocean floor.

The timepiece had been discovered by workers dredging the harbour in 2007, who scooped it up with other debris in their machine.
teddy bacon’s lost watch

Still is working order: The Bulova watch

Because the deputy harbourmaster in 1941 had made a log with a description of the watch and its approximate location, staff knew who it belonged to.

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In the abyss of madness, Romain Jerome stares back ‘Day & Night’

Posted on 01 June 2008 by John Biggs

$300,000 for a pre-rusted watch that only tells you if it is day or night with a dual tourbillion movement?

Any pursuit has its ultimate excesses, and this one currently holds that coveted title for horology. A 46mm watch in rusted steel, titanium, ceramic, and black carbon, fabricated from materials recovered from the wreck of the Titanic. To heck with precious stones and gems, ignore precious metals, even forget the exotic origin of the materials for this watch, this is the ultimately perverse use of the watchmakers usual sorcery. On one end of the scale, there is the plethora of ETA 2824-2 and Seiko 7S26 and 7S36 watches with 100m or more water resistance, capable of accuracy that approaches the limits of what a spring powered mechanism is capable of, at the other are tourbillions with brilliant complications and sophisticated, but still practical movements. And with the same technical competence uncoupled from sanity, you find this as the outcome.

Wow. I like it. Too bad the limited edition of 2012 has sold out already.

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