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Jaquet Droz announces three new timepieces

Posted on 29 July 2009 by John Biggs

Jaquet Droz’s three latest flagship timepieces (announced at BaselWorld 09) are scheduled to finally be released this coming September. All three watches feature the Grand Feu enamelled dial, black matte rubber wristbands, and a rather distinctive red gold case. The Grand Seconde SW Rouge will be selling for $27,000, the Les Douze Villes will be selling for $30,000, and the La Rattrapante will sell for $38,000.

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Praesto Fliegeruhr: Horrible name, beautiful watch

Posted on 29 July 2009 by John Biggs

And you said the recession was making it hard to find a good watch. Well fear not, friends. The Praesto Fliegeruhr (Whatever. Just call it the “flying hour” or something) will cost $360 for a pre-order and will be shipped around November when the custom watches are shipped to the manufacturer. Plus you get a t-shirt!
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Star Wars watch collection from Mark Ecko coming soon

Posted on 23 July 2009 by John Biggs

Here comes yet another product from the unholy union between design Marc Ecko, and Star Wars. I have to be honest however, and admit that I think these watches look pretty cool and.. I might actually have to buy one. At least one. At least the Boba Fett one.

Details are extremely sketchy at this point. We have five sentences in a blog post, and some images. Here’s what we do know: they’ll be out, probably this holiday season, they’re made by timex, but designed by Ecko, they’ll incorporate indiglo, and sounds.

We also have some pictures. Lovely, lovely pictures.

[via Professional Watches]

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Swatch to release $8,000 Turn to Him and Turn to Her tourbillons

Posted on 21 July 2009 by John Biggs

A little bird sent us these images Swatch’s upcoming Tourbillon collection, the Turn to Her and Turn to Him. I don’t have much information but I do know that Swatch used to make automatic mechanical movements but stopped some time in this decade. This new movement appears to use a rotating cage to move the balance wheel in a full rotation around the central stalk, a design decision which differs from the standard stationary tourbillon cage.
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Hunting For A Tide Watch Pt II; the Analog Solution

Posted on 20 July 2009 by John Biggs

Rip Curl Tidemaster Eclipe

Rip Curl Tidemaster Eclipe

And Success! An analog tide watch that meets the need.

The Rip Curl Tidemaster watches have what a body needs on the beach. When you’re carrying your fins, mask, and snorkel or your surfboard out the the jeep, you don’t want to have to run back to check the tide charts. Rather than bother with the chart in the newspaper or on the web, carry the current tide information with you.

The Rip Curl Tidemaster Automatic Tide System (ATS) gives you an easily read and intuitive display of tide data. Two sub-dials provide tide information. The one at 3:00 indicates the current tide and is marked in thirty minute intervals. High, low, coming or going out is discernable at a glance, and with only slighty more effort you can read the time to or since the tide you’re interested in. The second subdial at 9:00 is for spring and neap tides, indicating how great the difference between high and low tide will be (spring tides are the extreme of difference, and neap are the least change between high and low). Comparing the two dials give you a good idea of what sort of tides and water levels are waiting for you on the reef and allow for some degree of planning for the day.

The watch is a bit on the chunky side at 43-44mm w/o the crown, and not quite 12mm thick. The hands are silver. Because of this, you may prefer the black dial to the silver dial as the lack of contrast makes it a little difficult to read. The luminous material on the hands is adequate, but there is no luminous reference on the dial, making it less friendly at night. The date is a little small but legible. The moon phase display is easily read and adjusted. The unidirectional bezel is calibrated as a conventional dive bezel, but also has markings to help track surf heats (gives you the time remaining out of twenty minutes). And the crown is well protected by ears on the case. The polyurethane strap has an excellent feel to it, solid and comfortable despite the weight of the watch, but I’ve had bad experiences with PU straps and and adopting the “wait and see” position on that.
On the plus side, the strap will fit over a wetsuit, or can fit your little grom’s wrist.

There are several traits to quibble over on this watch, but it fits the need for a tide watch well and is solid and comfortable, and there are several other models with this movement (including the titanium case and bracelet… Nice!)


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Review: Morpheus Culinary Watch

Posted on 10 July 2009 by John Biggs

I’ll admit I was a little skeptical when the Morpheus Culinary watch first slipped out of its little leather pouch and onto my table. It looked as garish as an overweight, open shirted tourist wearing cargo shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. But then, to continue the metaphor, the watch seemed to get give me a plate of hot wings and a beer and said dig in, slowly getting me drunk as it told me stories about fishing expeditions involving copious amounts of alcohol and scantily clad island women. In short, this is one fun watch.

The overall design cue comes from high end cookware. The watch has a small handle that acts as a crown guard and the buttons and crown are supposed to look like stove handles. The hands are huge and brightly lumed and it is running an ISA 8173 quartz movement with alarm, small seconds, day of week, and second time zone. The register at 2 o’clock shows the seconds while the one at 10 o’clock shows the alarm status and the “battery power.” The 6 o’clock register shows day of week while the arrow hand shows the alarm time and the ball-tip “seconds” hand is actually a 2nd time zone.
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Serket’s classy new Telson

Posted on 09 July 2009 by John Biggs


Serket, formerly Scorpion, is one of my favorite US-based boutique manufacturers and I’m quite impressed by their latest, the Telson. it’s a 48mm watch with ETA 6497 manual wind movement and exhibition back showing off Cotes D’ Geneve engraving with a scorpion.

The movement is a workhorse – I believe Glycine uses it in their Incursore line – and the design is quite striking, especially the blue, shown here. They’re water resistant to 10ATM and come on a strap or a bracelet.
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