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The “watch case ball” removal tool

Posted on 24 August 2009 by John Biggs

watchcaseballRemoving a watch back can be an exercise in frustration. You want to open the thing up to replace the battery or clean it, but you don’t want to scratch the crap out of your precious time piece. Sure, you can get a tool on ebay, or from some other place, but it’s still risky. Enter the “Watch Case Ball”. Designed to remove a standard screw on back, it grips the back firmly, and won’t scratch due to the soft material it’s made from. At $5.00, it’s quite the deal as well.

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  • http:// Golf Putters

    What a great device. The tool i bought from ebay a few years ago works well on most watches but has on occasions slipped off and left a scratch. Does this open Rolex cases too?

  • trent johnson

    It works well on the bottom of my Johnson!

  • mike jericho

    trent johnson :
    It works well on the bottom of my Johnson!

    While you’re servicing my big johnson!

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