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Another Intriguing Seiko Chrono

Posted on 17 February 2012 by Patrick Kansa


I have to say, every time I go rummaging through the Seiko catalog, I’m invariably surprised to find yet another affordable and great looking watch.  This time was no exception, as I stumbled across the SNN221.  Of course, the first thing that grabs you is the crisp and clean style.  White and black abound, with a little bit of orange thrown in for good measure.

So, in the looks department, we’ve got a definite winner.  Along with that, though, you also get the features that you’ve come to expect from an affordable Seiko, such as a reliable quartz movement, hardlex crystal, water resistance to 100 meters, and what looks to be generous lume on the hands.  Of course, here, we also have the addition of a simpler chronograph complication.

The subdial at 12 o’clock registers the minutes tracked (up to 60); the other subdial (at 6 o’clock) registers the elapsed seconds.  The last remaining feature on the dial would be the date display at 3 o’clock, and it blends in perfectly with the dial.  As to the rest of the specs?  They’re almost “run of the mill” for watches these days.  You’ve got a 42mm stainless steel case (12mm thick) paired up with a 22mm bracelet.

All told, this is tidy little chrono – that is unfortunately very hard to track down.  I couldn’t find it very many places, except for some resellers that definitely seem to be grey-market.  If you do decide to hunt one down, I was seeing prices down around $140 – so it’s extremely affordable, and should provide you with years of service.

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