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REVIEW: Timex Elevated Classic Dress

Posted on 06 December 2012 by Patrick Kansa


A few days ago, we picked back up with our Timex reviews with the first of three samples we had sent over.  Next up, we have a model from Timex’s Elevated Classics Dress line, the T2N802.

As befitting the name of the line, this is a very classically styled watch, both in terms of the case shape, finishing tones on the bracelet and case, and the use of a gradient dial.   Unfortunately, that bracelet is where I ran into a major issue with the watch.  Simply put, I had the most difficult time removing pins to get links out, with every pin I was removing.

This really was a surprise, as I’m used to the Timex folded-link bracelets adjusting without an issue.  One it was adjusted and on, it just felt, I don’t know, flimsy.  It’s not that I felt it was going to fall apart, but it just didn’t feel quite right.  Of course, these two issues are solved pretty quickly by removing the bracelet and slapping the strap of your choice on the 20mm lugs.

If you do that, you can focus in on the clean dial with the polished indices and hands, and the simple readout of the dial.  What you’ll soon realize, however, is this dial (nice as it is) is not hiding an Indiglo backlight under it, much like we’ve come to expect from the Timex models we’ve reviewed.

Yes, at the asking price of $65, you’ll be making some compromises.  However, if that’s your budget, I think there are much better options (in terms of quality and function) within the Timex catalog, unless you’re really set on the red gradient dial.

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