A Tilted Angle On Time Telling

Posted on 09 February 2013 by Patrick Kansa



The folks over at Angular Momentum have some very unique looking watches; today, we”ll be looking at one of their newest models.

The model in question is the latest iteration of their R.D.S. () which stands for Rotating Disc System.  Now, you”re thinking we”ve seen this done before – and we have, but not quite like this.  For starters, you only have one hand on the watch – a minute hand; this works as it does on any other watch.

So, how do you pick up the hours?  For that, you have to look at the 6 o”clock position, where there”s a diamond mounted.  This is because the whole dial is actually a sapphire crystal (painted on the underside) that rotates around, with the current hour indicated at the diamond.

Is this practical?  Not necessarily.  However, it is a rather unique treatment on how to mix of the “standard” ways of reading time off of a watch.  (If you like, you can check out their data sheet here).

When it comes to pricing, I”m not even going to hazard a guess – but I am guessing that you and I aren”t likely to see one any time soon.  That said, it”s always fun to see what all is out there, and what they”re coming up with.

If you know of some other brand (or specific model) that presents a haute twist on the every day watch, feel free to let me know, and I”ll dig into it some.

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