Historical Horology: Buying Vintage

Posted on 24 February 2013 by Patrick Kansa



While some of our earlier Historical Horology articles have brought to light some older aspects of our hobby, today, we”ll zoom in to something that”s a little more practical, and potentially of more immediate interest – how to buy a vintage watch.

The article in question () popped up over on Gear Patrol, written by someone most of you should all be familiar with – Jason Heaton (@jasonheaton).  In the course of the article, he covers why you might want to opt for a vintage piece, rather than spending the same dollar amount on a brand new piece.


Along with the Rolex articles we posted up earlier (link), I think that these really can give you some food for thought when in comes time to start thinking about what you might want to save up for – vintage or brand new.  Definitely food for thought!

Images courtesy of Gear Patrol

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  • http://elginpocketwatch.net geoff4345

    Vintage for me every time. I just think when you buy an antique or vintage watch that somehow you are also getting a little piece of history along with it. Some of the modern watches do look great but you just buy more than a watch when you go for vintage.

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