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IWC Goes “Digital” With Their Spitfire

Posted on 30 September 2013 by Patrick Kansa



When you hear the phrase “digital display”, as it relates to watches, what comes to mind? Very likely, it’s either a very affordable quartz driven piece that you hand to your kids, or it’s a sensor-laden puck that you strap on before heading out to the trails. IWC has another way for you to think about digital displays, however. Continue Reading

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Historical Horology – Back In One Week!

Posted on 29 September 2013 by Patrick Kansa



As I”ve mentioned with the weekly wrapup posts, things got a bit hectic, so some of our recurring features have take a slight hiatus.  But, have no fear – I do intend to resume this series again in a weeks time. Continue Reading

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Watching the Web – Back In One Week!

Posted on 28 September 2013 by Patrick Kansa



As I mentioned in last weeks post, this new weekly roundup series is taking a quick break, due to other commitments keeping me from doing the timely research for this series. Continue Reading

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And Now, A Retrograde Quartz

Posted on 27 September 2013 by Patrick Kansa


Uhrenwerk24-Retrograde (5)

Today’s post was originally intended to be a hands on review of a watch from the newer brand Antonius Graf Strachwitz (for brevity, referred to as AGS throughout). However, due to an unfortunate issue with customs, it looks like that hands-on review isn’t to be. That said, I think the piece has some interesting styling, so I still want to cover it today. Continue Reading

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Your Next Smartwatch May Be From… Nissan?

Posted on 26 September 2013 by Patrick Kansa



Yes, that’s right – Nissan is (sort of) jumping into the smartwatch game. Truthfully, it’s only a concept at this point, but it’s a fairly intriguing take on what the wearable tech could be used for – analyzing data as you put the pedal to the metal. Continue Reading

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Review: Mondaine Retro Automatic Watch

Posted on 26 September 2013 by John Biggs

img_2211 Today let”s look at the Mondaine Retro Automatic, a mechanical model that hovers right about the $500 price point — a rare departure into the bargain section for this series. The model I tested is unique for a few reasons although, in the end, this watch is less about the feature set and more about the iconic design.
Continue Reading

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Arnold and Son Declare Victory

Posted on 25 September 2013 by Patrick Kansa


Arnold & Son TB Victory_emotion_lr

Really, that headline just writes itself, doesn’t it?  While I can’t pretend that I’m any great naval historian, even I’ve heard of the HMS Victory (if you’ve not, this site will give you all the details).  And, given that John Arnold (and his son, John Roger Arnold) designed chronometers that were very instrument-like “back in the day”, it’s pretty fitting that they’ve come out with a watch honoring the vessel. Continue Reading

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Want To Have Just One Watch? Bremont Has A Candidate For You

Posted on 24 September 2013 by Patrick Kansa


Bremont-Solo (1)

Now, I know, for most of us watch folks, the idea of having just one watch to put on your wrist sounds like something akin to heresy, as we like to change up what we’re wearing to match changing whims. I’m not here to advocate for or against it (though, one day, I could see having just one to declutter, as well as obtain a grail), if you are, why not have a watch who’s name ties in with the goal? Continue Reading

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