Historical Horology: A Few Rolex Videos

Posted on 05 January 2014 by Patrick Kansa



Welcome back to our weekly installment, Historical Horology.  We’ve featured Rolex in these articles in the past, and for good reason – they’ve got a long and storied history, and one that’s well-documented.  Their vintage pieces also hold a great deal of interest, both for novice and pro collectors.  Today, we’ve got a few videos that fit neatly into that landscape.

First, from the folks at WatchFinder & Co, they show us the process involved in the tear-down, cleaning, and reassembly of what is arguably the most popular Rolex model, the Submariner.

Of course, that’s what happens after you’ve gotten a Rolex into your collection.  For those who are tempted to go and pick up your own, Rick from Pawn Stars (on the History Channel, so it fits this series – kind of) has some tips for you:

Of course, you may also want to check out these other articles we have on Rolex, including some actual history, as well as some tips on purchasing one.

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