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Arnold & Son Have Been VERY Busy

Posted on 09 April 2014 by Matt Himmelstein

Arnold & Son CTB Steel soldier_lr2

We have covered a number of new releases from Arnold & Son in the last month, five to be exact.  Well, here is number six, and it is another beautiful and technically interesting watch.  Part of their instrument line, the CBT utilizes an in-house movement to incorporate both a chronograph and true beat second hand, a world’s first according to the company.  As to be expected from a boutique such as this, the detailing on the watch is lovely, with the blued hands leaping out against the light grey and silver colors.

Arnold & Son CTB Steel soldier_lr

The true beat second hand jumps every second, while the coaxial chronograph second hand sweeps through the dial, resulting in two different presentation of the passing of seconds on the same dial.  If you get the timing right, you can have the chrono hand race smoothly behind the second hand, which will jump ahead every second.  Hours and minutes are in a subdial at 12:00, while the column wheel chronograph minutes are registered on a sub dial at 6:00.  Style-wise, it fits in seamlessly with the Instrument Collection, a mix of the UTTE and TBR design cues.  Done in stainless at 44mm diameter, the watch has an exhibition caseback showing off the movement through the skeletonized rotor.

Watch Overview

  • Brand & Models: Arnold & Son CBT
  • Price: If you have to ask…
  • Who we think they might be for: Your average multimillionaire racing aficionado.
  • Would I buy or recommend them just on the photos?:  It is a bit out my my reach, but yes.
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be:  Arabic numbers for the hours/minutes subdial.  It breaks with the line, but it was done on the DBG.
  • What spoke to me the most about these watches:  The coaxial second hands with different movements.

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