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Pebble Steel Strap Upgrade

Posted on 10 April 2014 by Matt Himmelstein


Love your Pebble Steel Smartwatch?  Hate the fact that you are locked into the strap options that come with the device?  Well, a new project on Kickstarter out of the UK, the Steel Connect, provides a simple adapter to let you use any standard 22mm strap or band.


The Pebble Steel has 3 lugs on the watch case, requiring a strap with a cut out in the middle.  The Steel Connect is a machined adapter that fits the watch case, and then has lugs for a 22mm strap.  Use anything you like, NATO, exotic leather, a titanium bracelet, you are limited only by the 22mm width.


The project has another 29 days to go and rewards start at £10 and jump to £15 if you miss the early bird deal.  Shipping outside the UK is £3 for one and £5 for two.  The adapters are available in brushed aluminum and matte black.  Less than a day in, they have about £700 pledged against a £5,000 goal.  If I had a Pebble Steel, or was considering getting one, I would definitely pick one of these up, just to add to the versatility of the smartwatch.

Steel-connect on Kickstarter

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