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The Watch Video Rewind for July 6, 2014

Posted on 06 July 2014 by Patrick Kansa


It’s Sunday, which means that it’s time (at least, for this week) for the Watch Video Rewind.  In this series, of course, we highlight some interesting videos that we’ve run across on the web that we think you might enjoy seeing.

This fellow, Nicholas Manousos,  has created some pretty sweet tourbillons - but they’re not quite what you’re thinking.  First off, these are rather large scale, not anything you’d fit into a watch case.  That said, I think it’s a great way to generate the proof of concept, as well as understand how things are working.
More interestingly, however (at least to the watch community) how complex these are. While they might look simple, these are points of pride for watch companies for a reason. With that, let’s have a look at the first tourbillon video:

Next up, we’ve got a more complete tourbillon:

And another (you guessed it) tourbillon:

Last, but not least, we’ve got a co-axial tourbillon:

Finish the paragraph/conclusion after validating the types of movements/complications that these are showing


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