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Bulova Goes For The Gold with the Joseph Bulova Collection First Edition

When it comes to watches from Bulova, we tend to see them as being nicely designed pieces, mostly quartz driven and affordable. In other words, a good watch, but not necessarily something that you take notice of. Of course, if that’s the thinking, then you are ignoring things like their crazy-accurate chonograph (ABTW LINK). These days, you would also be ignoring the new direction they attempting to take things in, which is underscored by the Joseph Bulova Collection First Edition 24-Karat Gold watch.


Introducing the Void V03P Petite

If you are recalling our last Void review (on the V03M) then you might be wondering the brand would be calling a watch lineup petite. Well, in comparison to the 36mm case that the V03M had, this new watch lineup is actually quite petite, while still keeping some bolder lines on the case. So, let’s jump in and see what makes the new Void V03P Petite.


Watching Time Bloom with the Frederic Jouvenot Surya

We do not often review, or even write about, women’s watches here on WWR all that often. Yes, there have been some exceptions, but when you are a guy, writing about something not targeted at you is a tricky thing to do. Past that, it often times seems that a brand will simply take an existing model, shrink it some, and slap some gems and hearts on it, and call it a day – which seems lazy to me. On the other hand, the Frederic Jouvenot Surya puts those gems to a rather clever use.