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Hexa Osprey 03

Win a Hexa Osprey if You Like Puzzles, Or Just Buy One

You have probably noticed that Patrick and I both like dive watches. Myself, I am a diver (though I am lucky to dive once a year); Patrick, I think he just likes the look. But we both like Hexa Watches, which are hand assembled right here in the U S of A. And right now, Hexa is running a contest where you could win a new Hexa Osprey, or you can just buy one with a $250 limited time discount.

Mr Jones Sun and Moon 03

The September 2015 Giveaway: Mr Jones Watches Sun and Moon Miyamoto

It is the start of a new month, which means it is time for the September 2015 giveaway, a Mr Jones Watches Sun and Moon Miyamoto. I did a quick review of the limited edition, and then the brand sent me the version that is in the permanent collection for a hands on review. If you are a fan of the various Mario Brothers video games, or just like whimsical watches, this would be a watch for you.

Flash Giveaway: A Suigeneric Strap

Today marks the day four years ago when I started off on this watch reviewing journey here at WWR, and I like to give back to you, our readers, when that occasion hits. So, to that end, I am going to run a quick flash giveaway – just for today – for the Suigeneric straps we reviewed a bit back.


The August 2015 Giveaway: Titan Edge

Whatever watch it is that we bring in for review, we always make sure to run down the “hard specs” on a watch. This includes the physical dimensions of the watch, as well as its weight. For our August 2015 Giveaway, we will be giving away the lightest (at 36g) and thinnest watch (< 4mm) watch I have ever reviewed – the Titan Edge.