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NUVO Discovery Banner

NUVO Discovery Collection, Wood on the Inside

For a while, I was very enamored with the ideas of a wood watch case. But the more I saw, the more I realized the limitations of the material. You can’t make it tough and thin at the same time, it is hard to waterproof, and the all-wood cases are often pale imitations of regular case designs. For those reasons, I am more interested in watches that incorporate wood into the watch, without using it as the case material. This led me to take a closer look at the NUVO Discovery Collection of watches, put together by a fledgling watch company out of Australia.

Anicorn Series 000 Banner

Anicorn Series 000, Spin You Right Round

I frequently write that too many crowd funded watch campaigns complain about the lack of interesting designs, and then the offered project ends up being another generic design. So I like it when I find a project that really tries to differentiate themselves. And this is the case with the Anicorn Series 000 Automatic watch. At the very essence, it is a three hander, but it is the chapter rings that rotate with the time, while the pointer stands still. It is not the first time I have seen this concept, but it is not a common way to build a watch.


Hands On With The Visitor Watch Co. Duneshore

Today, we are going to mix things up a little bit for you. Obviously, Kickstarter watches are not anything new. What is new (or at least different, as of late), is that it will not be Matt covering it. As it turns out, Visitor Watch Co. is a short train ride from Chicago, so its owner, Phil Rodenbeck, hopped on over to give me a hands-on look at the debut models in the Calligraph collection: the Visitor Watch Co. Duneshore.

Mansfield Flagship 02

Mansfield Flagship Watch, Minus the Flag

Another week, another batch of crowd funded watches. Or at least so it seems. I caught the Mansfield Flagship watch on it’s launch date, and it roared out of the gates, at over 50% in one day, and now sits above the funding threshold. If you are in the market for an inexpensive, but attractive and simple watch, it may be worthy of consideration.

Crowd Funding Banner

October Crowd Funded Compilation

In as much as anyone has a beat at WWR, I have the crowd funded beat. My introduction to the site came via a Kiackstarter project, I nurtured my relationship with Patrick by feeding more and more Kickstarter reviews, and I have purchased a couple of Kickstarter watches. Project creators are reaching out to us in the hopes of highlighting their projects, and I want to encourage that. But the truth is, we can’t cover them all. So from time to time, I will put together a Crowd Funded Compilation post of watches that otherwise have not had stand alone reviews. Many of these watches are a fair bit away from their funding threshold, so a pledge may end up getting canceled if the watch does not make it.

Birline Super Slim 04

Birline Super Slim, Colors Galore

I see a lot of new watch projects on crowd funded sites, and most of them try to come up with a way to distinguish themselves from the pack. With so many watch designs out there, it is tough to do. Some do create a unique product, but many fall into the “same old thing” category. Birline is trying to avoid that trap by focusing not only on the watch, but also on the strap. The new Birline Super Slim uses a Harris Tweed strap in a multitude of colors to set themselves apart.