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Crowd Funding Wrap-up for 2014

The end of the year has been a pretty busy one for me in my day job, so I have not been able to track crowd funded projects as closely as I normally do, nor as closely as I like. As a result, a number of crowd funded watch projects have slipped by me. I was able to write up the Helgray Silverstone, which has monster support, The Tempest One Forged Carbon Watch, which I really like, the Astoncain, a project that still has a shot, and the Ferro one hander, the project I am most likely to back right now. So if you did not get a watch for the holidays, consider supporting one of these projects, or the projects below.

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Enjoy Your Day

Given that many of you likely have today off, we thought it was fitting to take a little break ourselves. Go ahead, enjoy time with your family and try not to overdo it, alright? We’ll be back with you tomorrow.

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Prometheus Poseidon, Preorder the God of the Sea

Prometheus is a brand that produces nice looking serious dive watches at affordable price points. Through January 31, 2015, they have a pre-order opportunity for their newest dive watch, the Prometheus Poseidon. This is a serious (read overkill) automatic dive watch, water resistant to 3,500 meters with a helium escape valve and several other bells and whistles.

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Rossling & Co. Quartz Watch, Thin Is Back In

OK, Rossling & Co. never thought that thin was out, they were just out of stock of their quartz watches. The company was nice enough to send me a pair of the watches a while back, and now that you can actually purchase them again, I thought I would give you my impressions. *Spoiler Alert* – The Rossling & Co. Quartz watch is an attractive minimalist dress option.

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CT Scuderia Scrambler, Take the Bullhead by the Horns

How do you create a brand identity in an industry as large and as old as watchmaking? Many brands have a go-to handset, some rely on logos, and yet others will use styling cues that carry over watch to watch. CT Scuderia is in that last camp, but they go further in their commitment that many others, with every watch in the line a bullhead style (though they do invert it for the Dashboard). The company was nice enough to lend me a second watch for a hands on review, the CT Scuderia Scrambler. The quartz chronograph is well made and pretty unique in the current marketplace.

Astoncain 02

Astoncain Minimalist Watch, About As Clean As It Gets

Astoncain 01How do you set yourself apart from the other watch brands on Kickstarter? There is only so low you can go on price, and the features you offer are all tied to a cost. So then you have design, but there are lots of designs already out there, especially with Bauhaus inspired minimalism. Astoncain decided to go nearly as clean as they could with the design, removing even the branding from the face of their watch, currently up on Kickstarter.