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Happy Fourth of July

Once again, it’s time that those of us in the US of A commemorate the birth of our country with barbecue, beverages, and good ol’ blowing stuff up (aka fireworks). Since it’s a holiday a good chunk of us are observing, there’s really no watch post for today.

Lew Huey Acionna 11

The Lew & Huey Acionna, Take III

If you think you have seen the Acionna by Lew & Huey on our pages already, you would be correct. I wrote up the Kickstarter project for the site back when I was still a “friend of the site,” and Patrick had a chance to spend a little time with a prototype. Now that they are in production, the company sent over a pair of watches for a final hands-on review.


Father’s Day and Watches – A Perfect Combination

OK, in the words of Douglas Adams, Don’t Panic. You still have a few days to get the dad(s) in your life a gift, thanks to WWW and fast shipping. But what do you get, and is it going to break the bank? Mmmm, maybe… Here are a few ideas for last minute Father’s Day gifts based on things we have reviewed, or that I own or covet. I will try not to go too deep down my fantasy wish list.

Ballast Jolly Roger 12.jpg

Yo Ho Ho and a Wristwatch

Do you celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day? Should you? Do you need a watch for it? Well, Ballast has you covered, along with anyone else who has a bit of the Pirate in them, with the Jolly Roger Watch. Adorned with the skull and crossbones of the Jolly Roger made famous by movie pirates everywhere, the watch adds a little edge, or playfulness, to your daily wear.