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Bremont ALT1-C 03

Bremont ALT1-C /PW, Just Remember It As The Polished Stainless Classic

Bremont is one of those small, high end watch companies in Britain that is not very well known in the US. We have covered the brand a few times, and I highlighted the MBI/MBII a while back. New for November is the polished stainless steel version of their Classic Line, the Bremont ALT1-C /PW, joining the line that already sports a variety of colored dial versions and a rose gold case version.

Mansfield Flagship 02

Mansfield Flagship Watch, Minus the Flag

Another week, another batch of crowd funded watches. Or at least so it seems. I caught the Mansfield Flagship watch on it’s launch date, and it roared out of the gates, at over 50% in one day, and now sits above the funding threshold. If you are in the market for an inexpensive, but attractive and simple watch, it may be worthy of consideration.


The Watchismo Xeric Xeriscope Squared, Literally, Squared

Last year, watch retailer Watchismo decided to get into the watch building business, with a Kickstarter campaign for the Xeric Xeriscope. They had a little bit of success, with pledges totaling over 10x the funding goal of $40,000. Today, they are back with their second watch, the Xeric Xeriscope Squared, a definite close relative to the original watch.

Crowd Funding Banner

October Crowd Funded Compilation

In as much as anyone has a beat at WWR, I have the crowd funded beat. My introduction to the site came via a Kiackstarter project, I nurtured my relationship with Patrick by feeding more and more Kickstarter reviews, and I have purchased a couple of Kickstarter watches. Project creators are reaching out to us in the hopes of highlighting their projects, and I want to encourage that. But the truth is, we can’t cover them all. So from time to time, I will put together a Crowd Funded Compilation post of watches that otherwise have not had stand alone reviews. Many of these watches are a fair bit away from their funding threshold, so a pledge may end up getting canceled if the watch does not make it.

Benarus Bronze Moray 42 Banner 2

Benarus Bronze Moray 42, Go Big, Go Deep

There are a couple of companies producing dive watches with cushion cases, and I have seen quite a few bronze divers of late, but there are not a lot of bronze divers with a cushion case. Well the Benarus Bronze Moray 42 is here to help fill that niche. Offered in two dial colors with two design options each, this limited production watch is a statement on your wrist.