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Watching the Web for July 2, 2016

Thank you for stopping by to kick off the long holiday weekend with us and checking out Watching the Web, where we find and highlight articles on other sites that we think are interesting. This week, I am going to start off with a round-up of 8 quartz watches that may be worth a consideration, move over to a Swiss made Royal Oak Offshore inspired chrono, and finish up with a warning about forcing the patina on your bronze and brass watches. The other purpose of this post is to highlight the articles on our own site that you found most interesting this week, which were reviews of the Arcane Watch and the CJR Airspeed Regulator and a reader’s review of their own Sapaneva Korona K3 Northern Starts watch.

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Introducing Finn Watches

As we have mentioned before (and will no doubt harp on again and again), watches on the crowd-funding platforms really need to differentiate themselves. In other words, yeah, we get it it that you like your slimline, minimal two- (or three-) hander, but there are a gazillion of them, with some different ink printed on the dial. So, we have set out before to identify what we ask ourselves, and what you should ask (do you feel lucky, punk?) Fortunately, with this project, I really didn’t have those questions on my mind, because the quirky look of the Finn Watches – the Causeway and Fingal’s Cave – really caught my eye.


Watching the Web for June 18, 2016

Welcome to Watching the Web, our weekly series of a peek around the internet to find interesting watch related articles. And, we also get to crow out the articles you found most interesting over the last week or so. This week, Hodinkee gives us Shinola’s responds to the FTC, ABTW checks out the Ressence Type 5, and Monochrome brings us the full line of MB&F watches. From our website, you guys found our articles about the Momentum Atlas 38, G. Gerlach Submarine, and TWCO Salvage Diver the most interesting (or at least the most read).