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Hoptroff Hotblack Watches, Smart Watches with a Single Purpose

Hoptroff is a British Watchmaker who is doing very interesting complications with electronic watches tied to your smart phone. Instead of trying to do everything, and losing the look of a conventional watch in the process, the watches specialize is a specific function, and use the hands and subdials of the watch to convey the information. The Hoptroff Hotblack line of watches is available with options to keep you up to date on football (soccer for those in the US) scores, stock prices, the direction and time of day for Muslim prayers, and important notifications.

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Watching the web for January 31, 2015

Welcome to the final day of January, and our Saturday feature, Watching the Web. This is where we take the opportunity to highlight watch related articles on other sites that we find interesting, as well as point you back to some of our more popular posts from the last week or so. Starting with the other suites, A Blog To Watch highlights their Top 10 watches of SIHH and Hodinkey has a story that would be perfect for the Antiques Roadshow. On our own pages, the Christopher Ward Trident Update continues to be a popular post, but I will point you toward my recent crowdfunding write up and an older review of Patrick’s, one for the Shinola Runwell Contrast Chrono.

Davosa Automatic 02

Davosa Swiss Automatics on Sale at Touch of Modern

Touch of Modern (join here is you are not already a member), is a limited time, members only sales site that features lots of guy-centric goods. For our audience, it is the watches that really matter, and the site does feature a lot of watch sales. Right now, Davosa Swiss Automatics are on sale at Touch of Modern, plus one quartz chrono for the budget minded.

Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Squelette Banner

Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Squelette, a Modern Skeleton

The concept of a skeleton watches intrigues me, but the execution (at least for affordable ones) usually leaves underwhelmed. I love the way that the mechanical movements are exposed, but they end up visually very busy, and they tend to be overly ornate. When Tissot offered to loan me the Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Squelette for a review, I jumped at the opportunity. Here was a watch that looked modern and readable, while still showing off the mechanical movement that makes a skeleton interesting. Unbeknownst to me, Patrick also decided to review this watch, albeit for A Blog To Watch. He didn’t get it hands on, but his impression was that the watch lacked some of the showmanship that you see on really high end skeleton watches, but still had a design that was readable while showing off the important parts.

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Crowd Funding Wrap-Up, January 2015

OK, it is not the end of the month, but I though I would bring out this month’s crowd funding wrap-up early so there is still time to back the projects before they close. Myself, I tend to favor projects listed on Kickstarter, and have purchased a number of them, but there are alternative sites, most notably Indiegogo. In addition to the projects below, I have longer reviews of the Zelos Abyss, running through January 28; the Cobra de Calibre Chronograph el Grande, running through January 31; The Manchester Watch Works Tatoskok, running through February 16; and the Elliot Havok, funding on March 7.


Watching Time Bloom with the Frederic Jouvenot Surya

We do not often review, or even write about, women’s watches here on WWR all that often. Yes, there have been some exceptions, but when you are a guy, writing about something not targeted at you is a tricky thing to do. Past that, it often times seems that a brand will simply take an existing model, shrink it some, and slap some gems and hearts on it, and call it a day – which seems lazy to me. On the other hand, the Frederic Jouvenot Surya puts those gems to a rather clever use.