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Historical Horology – ETA and Their Movements

This week’s edition of Historical Horology is going to continue the trend we have had with the Historical Horology series as of late, where we get into some history, but also share some information that is useful to the collector of modern (or semi-modern) watches. When it comes to Swiss movements, ETA is probably the most well-known and widely-distributed name. Given that, it makes sense to dive into the history of the brand a little bit, as well as get an overview of some of their movements.

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Dear Hopeful Crowd Funded Watchmakers – An Open Letter from a Fan

Dear Hopeful Crowd Funded Watchmaker; Allow me to start by saying that I think you are doing something really cool, and that I am a huge fan. This is the first time in history where the power to build, market and sell a watch is not vested in the few, but open to anyone with an idea and a bit of money. I think that a lot of the projects that you come up with are attractive, interesting and offer a great value. Heck, I have backed a couple of projects myself. And to keep from singling anyone out, the crowdfunded projects I show here are the projects that I feel are doing it the right way.


Historical Horology – The Seiko Tuna

Welcome back to another Seiko-flavored edition of Historical Horology. Last week’s dive into the Seiko Monster proved popular, which makes sense. The Monster is a popular entry-level diver, and it is also one that John and I have recommended quite a bit. While that last article really was more of a look at how the watch and it’s movement are put together, this week we do have a more historical look at the Seiko Tuna. It’s not a particular deep history, considering that the watch was introduced in 1975, but it is a history nonetheless.


Historical Horology: The Seiko Monster

Welcome to our latest edition of Historical Horology, the series where we dive into some aspect of the history of watches and watch making. While we often hop into the wayback machine for this series, this time around we are focusing on something a bit more recent, and on a watch that many of us either currently own, or have owned in the past – the Seiko SKX779, aka the Seiko Monster.


Historical Horology for September 6, 2015

It’s Sunday, so that means it’s time to turn our world to the history of watches. As with the last time I took this series up, I am going to target another roundup of sorts for you. Today we have a watch in the form of a snake, a history of dive watches (before dive watches existed), and a look at what separates automatic movements from manually wound ones.