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CT Scuderia Salt Flat

CT Scuderia Watches on Touch of Modern, Timing is Everything

Patrick and I have been able to conduct hands-on reviews for a pair of of CT Scuderia watches out of the four reviews we have posted here on the site, and we both are on board with the brand’s signature bullhead design. Probably the one knock is that they are priced into the “aspirational range,” at least for my pocket book. Well, for the next couple of days, there is a sale on CT Scuderia Watches on Touch of Modern, a members only sale-of-the-moment site we point you toward from time to time.

Poljot Nights of Saint Petersburg II

The Russians are Here, with Poljot Watches on Touch of Modern

I don’t recall where I read the advice, but one of the other blogs out there once wrote that you really need to have a Russian timepiece in your collection. After all, they are infrequently encountered, but not rare in the sense that they are unaffordable. My favorite sale-of-the-moment site, Touch of Modern, has a sale going on for Poljot Watches, with a selection of automatics and even an affordable tourbillon.


Introducing the Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch

When it comes to the world of smart watches, one of the big complaints I have heard (and read about) is that they simply are not designed to be appealing to those who appreciate watches. Many of them are gadgets first, and just happen to be able to be strapped to your wrist. That argument is losing a lot of steam now, especially with the announcement of the Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch.


BaselWorld Introduction: The Junghans Meister Chronoscope

Chronographs are a funny thing, for me. On one hand, I do understand and appreciate the overall look of a chronograph, be it a bi- or tri-compax layout. For all practical purposes, however, I simply do not have a use the complication offers. As such, I generally tend to steer away from chronographs, especially as they are generally housed in larger cases. That all said, I may have found an exception to my rule with a watch being introduced at Basel later this month – the Junghans Meister Chronoscope.


Introducing the Arnold and Son Golden Wheel

While we very much focus on watches at the affordable end of the spectrum here at WWR, we do occasionally take forays into the realm of the luxury watch, especially if the watch in question offers something rather unique. One of the brands that has tripped that threshold more than a few times has been Arnold & Son, and their latest certainly fits the bill as well. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at what the Arnold and Son Golden Wheel has to offer.


Introducing The Christopher Ward Jumping Hour Mark III

When it comes to watches that offer a tremendous value, the catalog coming from Christopher Ward has been offering a lovely variety of watches, with various price points on tap for all budgets. Lately, they have expanded the range into something more approaching luxury territory, and the brand has also expanded to have some of their own movements. This has been most prevalent by their Johannes Jahnke’s designs, of which we now have a third iteration in the form of the Christopher Ward Jumping Hour Mark III.