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Romain Jerome Moon Dust

Pssst – Want to Buy a Grail Watch, Touch of Modern Sales

A grail watch, the thing that dreams are made of. We all have them, well out of our price range watches to aspire to… one day. Touch of Modern (a private, limited time sale site, free to join) is running couple of sales right now (various brands, Breitling) on several drool worthy watches, with prices reduced (at least for me) from the stratosphere to the mere upper atmosphere. Maybe, just maybe, a 60% or so price drop will entice someone to pull a trigger.


Introducting the Pierre DeRoche TNT Royal Retro 43

Even though I’ve been covering watches for a decent amount of time now, it is still a pleasant surprise to come across a brand doing something unexpected, especially one that has been established for a bit. That is especially helpful when they decide to apply the appellation of Retro to a new model – at least there is some back catalog to derive from. That is precisely what we have here with the Pierre DeRoche TNT Royal Retro 43.


The Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde – Now In Enamel

Today, we are going to take a venture into luxury watch territory that I do not often take us on here at WWR. Jacquet Droz is part of the Swatch Group portfolio, and they have been making some rather exquisite-looking watches, as well as some perfectly amazing novelties (just check out this Bird repeater). What’s most interesting to me about the Jacquet Droz Grande Second Quantieme Ivory Enamel is the dial material.


The GoS Bifrost Dresses Up

I have long been a fan of the creations coming from Gustafsson and Sjögren (aka GoS) Watches, with the inclusion of damascus-process steel. They pair the amazing patterns they fold into the steel with treatments that introduce colors evocative of different scenes, to great effect. While many dress watches tend to go for a look that will not attract undue attention, the GoS Bifrost instead has a stunning dial that invites commentary.