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Breitling Plays A Power Chord

Posted on 13 August 2012 by John Biggs

We all know that rappers love fine wristwatches but the rockers don’t get quite as much attention for their timepiece selections.

So we thought it interesting when author and contributor to WWR’s early days Thomas Scott McKenzie dug up this photo of Slash wearing what appears to be a Breitling Chronomat with UTC module. At the time, Scott was making the rounds on the hard rock festival circuit in research for his new book Power Chord: One Man’s Ear-Splitting Quest to Find His Guitar Heroes. He interviewed famous rockers such as Phil Collen from Def Leppard, the guys from Judas Priest, the stable of KISS guitarists, and others. Along the way, he shot a ton of concerts and soundchecks.
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B&R Keeps On Keeping On With The WW1-92

Posted on 12 October 2011 by John Biggs

Another day, another Bell&Ross. I’ve always loved B&R and I’m still loving them thanks to their new WWI line. They kind of blew their wad on the square BR line so they moved into a more heritage look and I’m glad they did. The WW1-92 is a circular watch with a huge diameter and faux wire lugs that simulate the original pilots watches from way back when.
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This is how you do Basel: Bell&Ross nails it

Posted on 18 March 2010 by John Biggs

Man, Bell&Ross is going strong this year. I love the Military Ceramic BR 01 style beast now called the BR 03-92 with military band and I’m kind of liking the new series in chrono and three-hand form. I guess people were tired of having a big square thing on their wrists and wanted something more delicate.

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Review: Debaufre Aircraft-8

Posted on 07 October 2008 by John Biggs

scaled.IMG 5838

What you do know will hurt you. As a long-time lover of larger than life watches, I was pleased when Steinhart nee Debaufre released a line of watches to rival Bell & Ross’ attempts at recreating old-timey airplane dial. As I’ve mentioned many times before, Bell & Ross watches are obscenely huge and obscenely expensive so to find a watch that mimics – but does not totally copy – the B&R style for not much money excited that bargain-hunting watch-lover in me.

Sadly, however, I think this taste of paradise will make the average watch-lover desire a B&R even more, a sad state of affairs for someone who is trying to avoid spending $5 grand or more on a stinking watch.
scaled.IMG 5836scaled.IMG 5840scaled.IMG 5835scaled.IMG 5841scaled.IMG 5843

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Bell & Ross BR 01 Phantom

Posted on 16 July 2007 by John Biggs


Bell & Ross sends another one down the pipe with the Phantom edition. This standard issue BR 01 Instrument — the automatic one with three hands — has low visibility pips and digits that light up like the sun in the dark. I’m not sure about the overall readability, but the idea is cool. Again — B&R is essentially carving out its own path in the mid- to high-range watch market and I’m very impressed. Gotta get me one.

Bell & Ross

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Sinn Chrono… Mmmmm…

Posted on 13 March 2007 by John Biggs


Man, I’m really liking this new Sinn chrono.

The 757 is 43mm and considered a Pilot´s watch. The bezel can be turned clockwise and anti-clockwise which is not typical for divers watches due to safety regulations. Case and bezel are tegimented. The bracelet for the 757 will be tegimented, too. The watch is water resistant up to 20 bar (200 meters) and the price of this watch is approx 1270 Euro. (Thanks to U Turn).

Sinn Factory Tour []

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The Bell & Ross BR 01 Grand Complication

Posted on 05 March 2007 by John Biggs


I had been meaning to write about this new B&R monster but never got around to it. Not much is known about this super duper Bell and Ross aviator boat anchor/jet pilot blinder, but it apparently has a thrust indicator. Why? Who knows.

If its a Grand Complication it traditionally should have about 6 different features. We shall see.

Top Secret Design Revealed! The Bell & Ross BR 01 Grand Complication [THE WATCHISMO TIMES]

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Bell & Ross Chronograph Aeronavale

Posted on 29 November 2006 by John Biggs


Mmmm… tasty. A new B&R. This is an ETA base caliber, probably a 7750, with 42 hour power reserve. It costs about $3,500, which actually isn’t that bad, and looks like a monster.

TimeZone: Industry News: N E W M o d e l – Bell & Ross Chronograph Aeronavale [TimeZone]

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