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Bulova Marine Star 98B177 Review

Posted on 10 March 2014 by Patrick Kansa

Within watch brands, you’ll find a wide variety of watches covering different styles and tastes. Less common is that variation within a product lineup, but for Bulova, that’s exactly what we have with their Marine Star collection. While there are dressier pieces, and ones that have chronograph complications, today, we’ll be looking at something that embodies the sport watch ethos. Continue Reading

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Bulova Marine Star 97B121 Review

Posted on 05 March 2014 by Patrick Kansa

Ah, copper. It’s a material that surrounds us (just think about all the miles of wiring in your home and office), yet it’s something we rarely see. Which I think is a shame. Sure, you might see a brand new shiny penny, but that’s the exception. While today’s watch from Bulova is labeled as a rose gold tone piece, I think it might be more accurate to call the finish copper colored. Why am I so enamored with this particular finish? Continue Reading

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Bulova introduces the most accurate watch in the world, the Precisionist

Posted on 23 March 2010 by John Biggs

Bulova just announced the Precisionist “technology platform,” a quartz movement with sweep hand that was created alongside Bulova’s parent company, Citizen.

With Precisionist, Bulova has added a third prong to a standard two prong quartz crystal creating a torsional resonator. This innovation results in eight times the vibration frequency of a traditional quartz watch resulting in the most accurate watch with a continuously sweeping second hand. The aesthetic movement of the second hand becomes the symbol to the consumer of Bulova Precisionist and signals a watch with accuracy so exceptional, you can see it. The technology is accurate to 10 seconds per year as compared to most other quartz watches, which are accurate to fifteen seconds per month.

I’m trying to grab a photo, but it’s a pretty cool way to get a little more granularity out of a standard quartz movement.

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Bulova lost at sea 55 years ago returned to owner

Posted on 09 June 2008 by John Biggs

I gave my wife a Bulova and that thing wouldn’t last 5 minutes under water. Teddy Bacon’s gold Bulova lasted 55 years.

The last time Teddy Bacon saw his expensive gold watch it was sinking down into the harbour in Gibraltar.

That was in 1941, and the watch had slipped off his wrist when Lieutenant Bacon threw a line to shore from his ship, HMS Repulse.

After two divers failed to find his lost treasure, the young officer gave up on ever seeing it again.

The Bulova Automatic, wrapped in a brown paper bag, did not seem at all the worse for wear after decades on the ocean floor.

The timepiece had been discovered by workers dredging the harbour in 2007, who scooped it up with other debris in their machine.
teddy bacon’s lost watch

Still is working order: The Bulova watch

Because the deputy harbourmaster in 1941 had made a log with a description of the watch and its approximate location, staff knew who it belonged to.

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Big Bang Ready for Its Close Up

Posted on 28 February 2006 by John Biggs


Nad takes some excellent photos of the Hublot Big Bang. So ugly! So expensive! So amazing!

Big Bang study in close up [BigWatchForum]

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