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Phosphor E-Ink Watch review

Posted on 19 February 2008 by John Biggs

After years of suffering, watch geeks are finally getting products dedicated to their quirky and specific tastes. Sure, any oldster can sport a gold Rolex, but what is an Emo kid with a gadget fetish to wear? A Swatch?

Companies like Tokyoflash and Nooka have filled that techno-void with watches that are both high-tech and cool looking. Now, add another member to that selfsame roster.

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The Lasers! My Eyes! My Eyes!

Posted on 22 August 2007 by John Biggs

Were we every really this stupid?

via Watchismo

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Fossil’s OLED Watches

Posted on 19 July 2007 by John Biggs

No real info on these guys yet, but Fossil has been playing with OLEDS a lot and here’s some live video of them in action.

Product Page

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H.R.T. Tactical Sniper Watch

Posted on 28 February 2007 by John Biggs


I’m not quite sure what’s going on here, but this watch helps you take out folks at 1000 meters, which is a great help to those in that line of work. Clearly, there is more to this than I can fathom, but it allows you to enter various pieces of shooting data in order to line up and blow away just about anyone.

Calculate point of impact by inputting critical variables that determine elevation and wind adjustments. Works on all MILDOT, TMOA, SMOA and clicking rifle scopes. Punch in data about the ammunition you are shooting and the conditions you are shooting in and the watch will display the appropriate hold over for a sure hit… It’s that simple. This enhances a shooter’s confidence to engage targets out to 1,000 meters with “whenever/wherever” portability. Data is easy to enter – even through gloves – with the most critical information arranged for fast change and access. Accuracy on your wrist!

Product Page [Telford]

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Review of the Oceanus 5 Motor

Posted on 06 January 2007 by John Biggs

Excellent video review of the Oceanus 5 Motor by Christian at WatchReport… hmmm… maybe the Scorpion will get similar treatment.

Review of the Oceanus 5 Motor (OCW600TDA-1AV) [WatchReport]

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Making the Pong Watch

Posted on 05 January 2007 by John Biggs

Check out this crazy video of someone building a Pong watch.

Homemade Pong Watch [MAKE]

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Biohazard by Tokyoflash

Posted on 07 December 2006 by John Biggs

TOK003_m.gifAnother day, another fancy pants watch from TokyoFlash. Man, this one is a peach.

The Biohazard watch uses an advanced color LCD display to simulate the effect you might see on Mr Spocks tri-corder or in many Science Fiction films. The readout, in fact, tells the time by counting the colored segments.

A press of the button sends the watch into scan mode and the various panels & readouts animate as if scanning the area for life forms. After a few seconds the results display the time, but the animation sequence can be skipped if desired with a second press of the button.

Product Page

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TokyoFlash Retsu

Posted on 17 October 2006 by John Biggs

Another day, another TokyoFlash watch. This is 1.4-ounce Retsu. When you press a button, the lights race up and blink the time, one digit at a time. It costs $130 and your pride, so be ready to cough it up.

Product Page [TokyoFlash]

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