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Watching the Web for April 11, 2015

Thanks for taking the time to check out our weekly installment, Watching the Web, where we point you toward some interesting watches and articles that have popped up over the last week (or so), and take a second look at what were our more popular pages. Today, I am going to highlight the Roger Dubuis Excaliber Tourbillon from ABTW, the Time Bum’s review of the Prometheus Piranha, and Tempus Fugit’s lunch with the Michael Happé from Gavox. From our site, we have the Ventus Caspian on Kickstarter, the AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II, and The Christopher Ward C7 Rapide Chronometer.


The Gavox Legacy Review

The last time we covered Gavox, we were looking at watches that very much fit the military / aviation theme. Today, Gavox is back on our pages with a watch that takes things in quite a different direction. While I won’t go so far as to call it a dress watch, it is indeed a more refined-feeling piece.