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Longines opens their first online store

Posted on 21 April 2010 by John Biggs

The world of fine watches is a benighted place. Strange hang-ups masquerading as tradition are the norm and historically watch companies have looked at every new improvement to their business with trepidation. Consider the quartz movement, for example. Texas Instruments approached a number of Swiss companies when they first created the miniaturized quartz watch but no one wanted it – it was beneath them. China and Japan, however, bought the movements by the truckload and ate old horology’s lunch.

For years, watch companies have only allowed their wares to be sold through authorized dealers. This meant you had to go into a frou-frou shop, get talked down to by a snooty salesperson, and then pay over retail for a watch that was worth, in terms of parts and materials, about half of its sticker price. Pretty nice scam, huh?

The Internet came along and those authorized dealers hit on a nice scam. They’d “sell” their watches to real people – shills, usually – and those real people would resell them online. Swatch Group, for example, is currently fighting this grey market in the Supreme Court. However, another part of the Swatch Group, Longines, is taking to the Internet like a duck to duck sauce.
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“These are not the droids you’re looking for:” Longines uses the power of suggestion

Posted on 12 February 2009 by John Biggs


From a Longines email I just got. Seems like a logical progression of events. But WHEN do you buy the watch?

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Longines Clous De Paris

Posted on 25 October 2006 by John Biggs


Saw this in real life and it really looks nice. Longines is really turning into a major watch player.

These should be in the $3000+ range.

PROFESSIONAL WATCHES™: Longines Clous De Paris

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Exclusive Pics of the Longines Post-Basel Show

Posted on 24 July 2006 by John Biggs


Ladies and germs, we are proud to present a photo-montage of some of the goodies we spotted at Longines’ Post-Basel show here in New York. Thrill to the Lindbergh Angle Hour Watch, shown here. Squeal at the new Evidenza line!

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