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Nooka Zaz

Posted on 14 October 2009 by John Biggs

Matt Waldman at Nooka has done it again. The Zaz is a see-through watch with an LCD sandwiched onto a transparent surface. You tell time by counting the blocks and reading the growing minutes bar and it comes with a black, silver, or white band.

At $380 it’s a bit pricier than some Nooka models but it’s still badass. Watchismo just started to sell them or you can check them out at It seems they’re on pre-order right now.

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Nooka Zirc: How big! How bold!

Posted on 17 January 2008 by John Biggs


I’ve been clearly failing our dedicated watch readers with my coverage of odd and sexy designs. Take the Nooka Zirc for example. It has a 45mm face with a 22mm band and looks like a Dick Tracy watchphone — but isn’t. The dots show the hour and the long bar shows the minutes. It’s $350 but trust me, Matt Waldman makes a mean watch.

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