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C70 3527 GT Chronometer 01

Christopher Ward C70 3527 GT Chronometer, How do you upcycle a Ferrari?

Not many of us are going to be able to afford a truly limited edition car, let alone one that is as steeped in racing history as a Ferrari GTO. After all, one did sell at auction for the princely sum of $52,000,000. But what if you could own a piece of one? A small sliver, but a piece none the less? That is what Christoper Ward is offering with the C70 3527 GT Chronometer, a bit of the metal from one of these cars built into the watch.

Rumba Brooklyn 01

Rumba Time Brooklyn, Have I Got a Deal For You

Why is it when someone wants to talk about an unbelievable deal, a swindle really, they talk about selling the Brooklyn Bridge? What is it about that makes anyone think that someone was gullible enough to think they were actually buying the bridge? Well, I am not going to sell you a bridge, I am going to go after something else named Brooklyn, the Rumba Time Brooklyn watch.

Trintec Zulu 03 01

Trintec Zulu-03, Flying High

There are a whole lot of companies out there making modern aviation inspired watches. There is one company that has been doing it longer, and doing little else, and that is Trintec. I contacted them when I was reviewing their recent Kickstarter campaign, and they were nice enough to loan me one for their production watches for review, the Trintec Zulu-03.

1:35 PM

Cognitime Classic, the Digital Analog Alternative

One of the things I struggle with as a watch reviewer is how to discuss a watch that really is not for me, but may be perfect for other readers of the site. After all, I do not represent every watch buyer, I probably don’t even represent the average watch buyer. And the Cognitime Classic watch is exactly the type of watch i struggle to review. I like the construction, it wears well, and it presents time in a unique way, but it ultimately is not the watch for me. It may be for you though.

Tokyoflash Kisai Kaidoku Wood 03

Tokyoflash Japan Kisai Kaidoku Wood, For the Readers Out There

If you have read the site for a while, you should be aware of TokyoFlash Japan, a watch maker that specialized in… alternative displays built into digital watches. We have reviewed a number of their watches to date, and they just reached out to us for a launch deal on the new TokyoFlash Japan Kisai Kaidoku Wood. Through around 7:00 Pacific on July 30, you can get this watch for the introductory price of $109 (I don’t know what it goes up to after that).

Lew Huey Orthos 01

Lew & Huey Orthos, Lets Go Diving

For a lot of guys, a diver is the default tool watch. The cases are usually fairly beefy, and that translates to masculine, the watches themselves are rugged, they serve a purpose, and they broadcast to the world that you are a man of action. So you might as well inject a little style into the watch as well. That is where the Lew & Huey Orthos comes in with their latest Kickstarter campaign. These ‘friends of the site’ have put their fifth model up for sale, and the first true diver of the bunch.