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Hands Off With the Mr Jones Chatterbox

Yes, that’s right – we have gone “hands off” with our review of the Mr Jones Chatterbox. Well, sure, we have spent time with it, so we have truly gone hands on. But the watch itself, you see, does not have any hands. Then again, since you read our earlier writeup you already knew that. Maybe a better appellation would be hands free. Not that there is any tech involved here, bluetooth or otherwise, just a simple automatic movement with some rather clever art. Ok, that is about enough of my rambling around, let’s get on with the review of the Mr Jones Chatterbox.


Going Over Land and Sea With the Benrus Infantry and H6

When it comes to watch companies, most people like to focus on the country of origin, especially if they happen to be from that same country. America has had its ups and downs with regards to watch manufacturing, and there are a handful of companies doing what they can to make watches here. We also have brands from the past that have come back from the quartz crisis grave, and today’s review is from one of those brands. Ironically enough, both the Benrus Infantry and H6 are quartz-driven watches.

Barrington 08

Barrington Single Watch Winder, Because You Can’t Wear All Your Watches at Once

I went pretty quickly from a guy who owned a mechanical watch to a guy who owned too many mechanical watches. Not too many in an absolute sense (that would be crazy), but too many in the sense that I can’t keep them all wound by rotating through my collection. If this sounds similar, you need a watch winder. The good people at Barrington were nice enough to ship one over for me to check out, and I think that the Barrington Single Watch Winder is a real solid option for a single winder.


A Review of Artisan Strap Co Straps

It really is amazing the number of options we have these days when it comes to looking for straps to swap in on your favorite watches. While our thoughts most often turn to textile and nylon straps for the summer, leather is still a viable option. Of course, you may not want it to be a heavier strap (link to 74 watchstraps), given the warmer weather. Striking a nice balance between thinness and toughness, we have a few options in for review from Artisan Strap Co.


Spending Time with the Dietrich OT-3 Organic Time

It does not seem like it was all that long ago that spring was just, well, springing, and I was writing about the Dietrich Organic Time. Since that initial writeup – which I suppose we can treat as an preview – we were sent over a sample to spend some time with and get some first-hand impressions of the watch. Does it hold up to my assumptions in the earlier article? Well, read on for our review of the Dietrich OT-3.


Riding The Ball Watch Night Train DLC

When it comes to the watches that Ball Watch has on offer, it is like a double-edged sword, at least to me. What first drew me in to the brand was the Engineer line, with its bold styling and use of multi-colored tritium tubes. As I have spent time with the brand’s wares (and refined my own tastes), I have come to realize that I prefer things a bit more subdued (such as with the Ball Watch Engineer II Marvelight or Trainmaster Kelvin. That all said, I think another great – and entry-level – option from the brand would be the Ball Watch Night Train DLC.


Reviewing the CCCP Time Aurora

It’s been almost a year since we last looked at something from the CCCP Time catalog, so I’d say we were due. While the CCCP Time lineup is largely more of a Russian-influenced design (rather than being what most would consider a true Russian watch, at least in vintage terms), they do have a distinct style to them. This latest one, the CCCP Time Aurora, introduces some colored crystals to the design, for interesting effect.