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Introducing the Corniche Heritage 40

While watch shoppers are certainly spoiled for choice these days, there are also quite a few “me too” brands out there starting up that rehash the same tired and uninspired three-hander design. So, when we have a company that we’ve never heard of before contact us about their watch, we are understandably a bit cautious on what it is we going to be taking a look at. Fortunately, we do have some gems popping up when we have these sorts of contacts, and that leads us to running into pieces like the Corniche Heritage 40.


Taking a Look at the Smith & Bradley Springfield

Over the last year-plus, we have spent time with just about every watch that has come from the team down in Sidney, IL. Some of these have been with watches that were already in production and hitting normal retail channels, and others – like we have today – we actually got to wear around while a Kickstarter campaign was underway. This latest campaign – which is more than fully-funded at this point – is for the brand’s first field watch, the Smith & Bradley Springfield.


Down in the Trenches with the Manchester Watch Works Vergennes

We first brought you word of the Manchester Watch Works Vergennes and Westminster watches not all that long ago (link). Of the two trench watch-inspired pieces, I found myself drawn the most to the white-dialed one. As fortune would have it, there was one of those available for us to go hands-on with, even though the Kickstarter project (link) is still running. Without further ado, let’s get into our review of the Manchester Watch Works Vergennes.


The Xetum Stinson, Now With More Fiber

When it comes to American (or at least American-designed) watches, Xetum is one of the first brands that I recall coming across. They designed the watches in California, and then had them built in Switzerland. So, you had that Swiss reliability and accuracy, with a sort of American influence on the design. Xetum is now owned by the same folks that own Torgoen, but the designs have not been meddled with. Today, we are going hands-on with a new iteration of the Xetum Stinson.


Hand-On With the Luminox SXC PC Carbon GMT

So, I’m ready to book my flight into space and all I need is a watch and $100k. I know what you’re thinking. I need the Omega Speedmaster, a Breitling Navitimer or even a Russian Poljot. (I also need the cash, but let’s focus on watches.) Well, Luminox wants you to buy their SXC PC Carbon GMT. Luminox and XCOR Space Expeditions teamed up to create a family of “Space” watches. Luminox wants to sell you the watch; XCOR wants to sell you a ride into space.


Hands Off With the Mr Jones Chatterbox

Yes, that’s right – we have gone “hands off” with our review of the Mr Jones Chatterbox. Well, sure, we have spent time with it, so we have truly gone hands on. But the watch itself, you see, does not have any hands. Then again, since you read our earlier writeup you already knew that. Maybe a better appellation would be hands free. Not that there is any tech involved here, bluetooth or otherwise, just a simple automatic movement with some rather clever art. Ok, that is about enough of my rambling around, let’s get on with the review of the Mr Jones Chatterbox.


Going Over Land and Sea With the Benrus Infantry and H6

When it comes to watch companies, most people like to focus on the country of origin, especially if they happen to be from that same country. America has had its ups and downs with regards to watch manufacturing, and there are a handful of companies doing what they can to make watches here. We also have brands from the past that have come back from the quartz crisis grave, and today’s review is from one of those brands. Ironically enough, both the Benrus Infantry and H6 are quartz-driven watches.