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Review: Tissot T-Touch II

Posted on 23 August 2010 by John Biggs

The Tissot T-Touch is Tissot’s flagship sports watch. While other models have come and gone, the venerated T-Touch with its touch-sensitive crystal and bold styling has remained constant. A few models appeared to replace the original, notably the T-Touch Expert, but nothing could quite unseat it.

Now, however, Tissot is essentially mothballing the old model and is focusing on the bold T-Touch II. This new model has a larger LCD screen, better water resistance, and more style options. But it’s still the T-Touch you know and love. But, and this is important, it has a backlight! Continue Reading

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A very sweet holiday Tissot story

Posted on 19 December 2007 by John Biggs

Altan at the BWF posted a great story about his dad’s Tissot. He bought it when he was in the army, years ago, and it served him well and long. This year he bought pop a nice new Tissot and is keeping the classic safe for future generations. See, it doesn’t have to be a Patek to hold value.

I gave him many watches over the years. He liked them, wore them, but he always went back to his Tissot. It was “his” watch after all, it meant a lot to him.

When he had a quadruple baypass a few years back, I was visiting him and he gave his Tissot to me. Knowing that I had a passion for watches, he knew I would appreciate it and cherish it over the years. Well, I bought him even more watches since then. Again, he liked them and wore them… but he still kept talking about his Tissot… how he bought it years back, paid for it for a year, wore it on his wedding, etc. He was happy that I had it but that has not stop him from talking about his beloved Tissot

So I figured, maybe another Tissot would do the trick… to some extent, at least. Here is one of the gifts he will receive from my wife and me for Christmas and their 56th wedding anniversary, which is on Dec. 23. Another Tissot… Tissot Le Locle Automatic…

The BIG Watch Forum

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Tissot’s Plastic Movements

Posted on 07 November 2006 by John Biggs

escape.jpgA very interesting look at some of the most unusual Swiss movements ever, the Tissot cal. 2250 that ran without lubrication. Only the balance wheel and some the the gears were metal, the rest was plastic. Fascinating.

The Tissot cal. 2250, also known as the “Astrolon” or “Sytal”, (an acronym for “Systeme Total d’Autolubrification”) was produced in the early 1970′s. It was available in several variations, with and without calendar. Though it is basically conventional in layout, it is markedly different from other mechanical watches in that most of its components are injection moulded plastic. It was semi-automatically assembled and required no lubrication at all. The parts count was reduced from 91 as found in a standard Swiss movement to 52 in the Astrolon, and no screws are employed at all. The only metal components are the balance assembly, the mainspring and barrel, and the keyless winding mechanism. The train wheels run either in the plastic plates or, mostly, on small metal plugs with fine spigots, pressed into the plates. A nice touch was to make the different components in different colors.

The Tissot “Astrolon” Plastic Watch [4/2/00] [TimeZone]

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Tissot NASCAR Automatic Chrono and T-Race

Posted on 02 June 2006 by John Biggs


Another day, another NASCAR themed Tissot. This time they turned the Valjoux PRS 516 automatic chrono and the T-Race, as well as the PR50, not shown here, into a NASCAR pace watch. I really like the Valjoux, which will sell for about a grand.

PRS 516 Valjoux NASCAR Limited Edition
The PRS 516 Valjoux NASCAR Limited Edition features dynamic materials, including the NASCAR logo engraved on steering wheel cut-out with see-through case back. This timepiece also features a carbon dial and a sophisticated Valjoux chronograph, bringing the precision of a Swiss-Made automatic movement to select fans. Inspired by the passion and precision in motor sports, this timepiece is limited to 500 pieces worldwide, paying homage to NASCAR’s ultimate race in Daytona, Florida. The PRS 516 Valjoux NASCAR will retail for $1,150.

Continue Reading

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NY Rangers’ Michael Nylander Awarded “Tissot Best Player Award”

Posted on 26 May 2006 by John Biggs

So Tissot, not only do you love Indy Racing, and specifically Danica Patrick, but you’re a hockey fan also.

Swiss watch company Tissot, Official Timekeeper of the Ice Hockey World Championship, presented the Best Player Award of the Finals to Sweden-native and current New York Rangers stand-out Michael Nylander. Jan Bulis from the Czech Republic (and Montreal Canadiens) also received a watch from Tissot for his efforts in the championship game.

Not only did they get an award, they got an Ice-T (no relation to the actor/rapper) watch.

Perfect for any hockey player or fan, the special edition Tissot Ice-T has an ultra-modern sports design inspired by the hockey rink with its dial featuring a goal area, ice-markings and an inner ring that is ice-blue. A useful function allows the wearer to follow the exciting last minute countdown at the end of the game. The watch dial also features the title, “Ice Hockey World Championship,” and the case back showcases an engraving of a hockey player with stick and puck.

The watch is lightweight and features a carbon-fiber coating with a blue strap. Think there’s enough time for me to train for the 2007 season?

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Tissot Danica Patrick T-Touch

Posted on 25 May 2006 by John Biggs

OK, Tissot, we’ve got it. You like NASCAR. This is the latest in their racing themed pieces. It’s a limited edition T-Touch, only 500 made, designed for Danica Patrick, “a Tissot ambassador since 2005 and Indy Racing League driver [who] took home last season’s IRL Rookie of the Year award.”

This one will cost $750 and is available at authorized Tissot resellers.

Tissot’s Danica Patrick T-Touch Limited Edition comes with all the high-tech features consumers have come to expect in their T-Touch. The T-Touch offers proprietary tactile technology that is activated with the touch of the owner’s finger. Functions for the T-Touch include a compass, alarm, altimeter, barometric pressure (meteo), date, time, chronograph and thermometer. The Danica Patrick T-Touch Limited Edition also features a unique white leather strap with red stitching and a special case back with Indy racing car, Danica’s engraved signature and limited edition number.

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Tissot – Official Partner of Le NASCAR

Posted on 22 February 2006 by John Biggs


Tissot has scored a coup for the mechanicals market by partnering with NASCAR. While we can shudder to think of the many ways the name Tissot could be mispronounced by NASCAR announcers, it’s great to see a less expensive brand of Swiss watch get notoriety like this. The first official piece is the PRS516 with Valjoux Day-Date movement and a sexy NASCAR styling which sells for about $1,200. Future models will hit the $250 mark, making it a good entry-point for new collectors.

Tissot, the Swiss watchmaker and timing technology company, has inked a deal with the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) to become an official partner. Tissot will become the “official timekeeper” and “official watch” of NASCAR, America’s fastest growing sport. Debuting with the 2006 season, kicking off in February, Tissot will introduce a new line of official NASCAR watches.

Product Page [Tissot]

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Tissot T-Race Chronograph Watch

Posted on 09 November 2005 by John Biggs

Another nice Tissot. I don’t like the quartz chronos, but that’s not a biggie.

Every element of the T-Race recalls these two-wheeled sports, from the crown protection and bezel with its slanting ventilation shafts, inspired by the braking discs, to the rubber tire-track bracelet, the speedometer-like counters on the dial and the very material of the case itself in a new synthetic mix high in carbon fiber.

Stylish and Sporty Tissot T-Race Chronograph Watch [WristDreams]

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