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Taking a Look at the MOTA SmartWatch G2

Everywhere you look, smart watches are cropping up. The incoming Android-powered watches (and the long-rumored iWatch) of course take the lion’s share of the attention. While those high-tech devices are attention-grabbers, for sure, to focus only on them ignores a whole other slice of the smart watch segment. Today, we’ll be taking a look at one of those, the MOTA SmartWatch G2.

Garmin Approach S6 03

Garmin Approach S6, The Smartwatch I Might Want

OK, I am not all that enamored with Smartwatches. I carry my phone and love my iPad, but I don’t see where I really need to see who is calling or texting by glancing at my wrist. And I am plenty active, I don’t need a fitness monitor either, so that functionality does not excite me either. But I am also a golfer, albeit a terrible one, and the Garmin Approach S6 may finally be the smartwatch that I want to own.

Ritot 03

Ritot Projection Watch, Too Big to Ignore

I view a lot of crowd funded projects, and have backed a couple of watch projects myself, but every once in awhile a project just blows up on a crowd funding site, and that is what has happened to the Ritot Projection watch on Indiegog. With the project slated to end funding on August 21., the watch project has already garnered over $600,000 in pledges against a goal of $50,000. And it is a very cool concept. I just wonder if it will ever make it past the point of being a concept.

Moment 01

The Moment Smartwatch Does It All

The other day I wrote about 2 new smart watches that are driven by a single purpose, one to give you the score for your favorite soccer team, and the other to help you track your fitness. Today’s watch goes in the other direction, a connected device that has the goal of being a complete interface with your smart phone. The Moment Smartwatch is more of a full screen smart bracelet that interacts with your phone, and also tells the time.

BeFunky_Withings Active 03.jpg

Purpose Driven Watches With Smarts

A lot of smart watches I see try to be everything. Email, facebook posts, texts, weather, and so on and so on. They are not watches in a traditional sense, but rather wearable computers that display the time. Today, I wanted to highlight two watches that are more “connected” watches than a do everything wearables. The HotBlack by and the Withings Activ√©, with the former connecting you to your favorite football (soccer) team and the latter tracking your daily fitness goals. Interestingly, both watches are coming out of the UK.