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Spinnaker Watches: Hands-on

Spinnaker is a company with a large catalogue of watches. They approached us to offer a few for review, and we said yes.

Here’s how this part of the process works. Some enterprising soul will email us and offer a review, and we’ll talk amongst ourselves about all the things right with what we see, and all the things wrong with it, and then Patrick will say we pass on it. He’s often right. We set out to only review the best of the best, the things that appeal to us.


Rounding things out with Art Mécanique Watches

I have taken heart from the mix of watches that have been showing up as of late on the various crowd-funding sites. While there are still plenty of minimalistic three-handers populating the pages, there are others that certainly offer things we have not seen before, in terms of design elements. One of the latest to cross that threshold is Art Mécanique Watches.

watching the web

Watching the web for July 16, 2016

Welcome to Watching the Web for July 16, our mid-July foray into watch related articles and watch reviews we find across these inter-webs. This week, I wanted to point out a Prometheus diver, a “value” dress watch, and an interesting woman’s watch, all excellent articles hosted on other watch sites (yes, there are other watch sites). We also get to crow about the articles we write which are popular, is I will point you to our posts on the Timemachinist Naval Destroyer, all that is wrong with watch payola, and the Steinhart Ocean 1 in bronze.


Introducing the Steinhart OCEAN 1 Bronze

If you are in the market for a bronze watch these days, you are certainly spoiled for choice. The material has shown up across numerous brands, often with an eye towards what the eventual patina is going to make the watch look like. Now, I am not saying that the Steinhart OCEAN 1 Bronze won’t develop a patina (as it likely will). It’s just that, at first glance, it really seems to playing up a higher-end look, with the bronze (and the bezel insert) giving things more of the look of a gold watch.


Interview with a Watch Maker: Cal Giordano of Timemachinist Watches

As of late, we have taken to putting a set of questions to the brands we have been working with. While it was originally intended to sort of help flesh out the background information for our review, they have been turning into a great resource, that helps us – and now you – get some insight into the people behind the watches we are reviewing. With that, let’s kick off our inaugaral edition of our new series, Interviews with a Watch Maker. Today, we’re talking with Cal Giordano of Timemachinist Watches.