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Watching the Web for February 28

Welcome to our weekly feature, Watching the Web, where Patrick and I get to point you toward some watch related articles we found across the WWW, as well as highlight some of the more popular articles over the last week or so from our own site. This week, I found a history lesson on railroad watches from Wound for Life, Monochrome highlighted the Arnold & Son Dual Side True Beat watch in stainless steel, and A Blog to Watch covered the Pebble Time. From our write-ups, Patrick’s review of the WT Aurthur 1914 was very popular, as was our link to Every Day Carry and the review of the Ziiiro Eclipse.

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Crowd Funding Wrap Up for February 2015

February is now in the books, and with the second month of the year came a number of watch projects on crowd funded sites. Myself, I tend to favor projects listed on Kickstarter, and have purchased a number of them, but there are alternative sites, most notably Indiegogo. In addition to the projects below, I have longer reviews of the Nevo Watch, which is technically over but still collecting pledges in “bonus time;” the Trintec Zulu-07, running through March 7; the Melbourne Watch Company Avalon, running through March 16; and the Mercer Watch Company Brigadier, funding on March 29. I am also working on a write up of a new crowd funded design from Techne with is currently on Rockethub. I have a Techne, and the company has been on our pages several times, so I have no issue in recommending this project if you are looking for a military cockpit style quartz watch,

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LG G Watch, The Best Looking Smartwatch Yet

I don’t really care for smartwatches. The ones that most interest me, thus far at least, have been ones like the Withings or Hoptroff that integrate a smartwatch feature into an analog watch. Well, the LG G Watch flipped that technique, taking the look of an analog watch and integrating it into a full blown smartwatch. It is, in my opinion, the best looking smartwatch out there.


Around the World With The Ritmo Mundo Corinthian World Time

If there is one complication (or class of complication) that I have become an ardent fan of, it is the world timer. While this often takes the form of a secondary hand to track another time zone, this can also take the shape of a cities disc that rotates around (as with this Baume & Mercier Capeland), or even a second time register. When we have a secondary time register, this is often synchronized to the main time display, as on this Techne. With the Ritmo Mundo Corinthian World Time, that second register can actually be independently set.


Introducing The Christopher Ward Jumping Hour Mark III

When it comes to watches that offer a tremendous value, the catalog coming from Christopher Ward has been offering a lovely variety of watches, with various price points on tap for all budgets. Lately, they have expanded the range into something more approaching luxury territory, and the brand has also expanded to have some of their own movements. This has been most prevalent by their Johannes Jahnke’s designs, of which we now have a third iteration in the form of the Christopher Ward Jumping Hour Mark III.

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Ziiiro Eclipse – Put a Ring on It

Who doesn’t like a little glow in their lives? I think that may be what Ziiiro is hoping for with the release of the Metalic version of the Ziiiro Eclipse. The updated version offers one completely new color and new stainless mesh straps on their two hand watch which uses a ring of lume to illuminate the time, and a bit of your night life.