Adding a layer with the Filson Short Cruiser

If you stop and think about it, watches really are an accessory. Yes, they are extremely useful accessories, but they are add-ons to what we wear, are they not? If we pull on that thread of reasoning, then, the topic of watches, and what watch you wear, is really an extension of what might be called Men’s Fashion, or Men’s Style. To that end, we here at WWR thought it would make sense to start taking a look at items from the world of Men’s style, hopefully in scenarios where it’s somehow related to the watch world. In this case, we had a perfect stop-off point for our first foray – Filson. They have been making watches with Shinola, which are largely an extension of the great product catalog they have built up. That means that, for our inaugural Men’s Style post, we will take a look at the Filson Short Cruiser.

Watch Video Rewind

Watch Video Rewind for May 8, 2016

Hello and welcome to our first May edition of Watch Video Rewind, where we post various watch related video we find of interest. This week, I am carrying on a series Patrick started last week, as well as adding a few related stories, all centered on Frederique Constant. If there are any budding filmmakers out there with interesting stories regarding their watches, I challenge you to make your own Watch Stories video, load it up at YouTube or Vimeo, and send us a link, and we may just feature it here in a future week.

watching the web

Watching the Web for May 7, 2016

As always, thank you for taking a bit of time out of your weekend to check out our regular Saturday feature, Watching the Web, where we get to point out interesting watch related articles on other sites, as well as highlight our own most popular posts. This week, I am skewing toward the higher end of the market, with a lady’s diver just in time for Mother’s Day, a high end Montblanc tourbillon, and an ever higher end Panerai. From our site, we have the Depp Blue Sea Quest, the Torgoen T32 and the AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane.


Hands-on with the Filson Dutch Harbor

Back in March, we brought you word of the newest watch from the Filson and Shinola collaboration, the Filson Dutch Harbor. In that overview, I felt the watch was a slick take on a dive watch. How does that impression hold up now that I have spent some time with the Filson Dutch Harbor on the wrist? Let’s dive in and have a look.


The McDowell Time Delray is a military watch with vintage style

I must really have a thing for trench watch-inspired watches, as another Kickstarter project just crossed my desk, and I rather liked what I saw. Then again, going with what seems to be a popular style (vintage military in a modern design) is a solid way to go, especially for a brand just starting out. With that in mind, let’s see what the McDowell Time Delray has on offer.