Full Steam Ahead With The Projects Watches “On the Right Track”

Over the years, we here at WWR have developed relationships with quite a number of different brands, ranging from the newest indie’s to some of the bigger, more established names in the industry. One of the newer relationships we’ve developed is with Projects Watches. Along with the obvious affordability the brand offers, they have a unique sense of design, often pushed along by bringing in designers who are not traditional watch designers, resulting in some unique ideas. The latest of these is the Projects Watches “On the Right Track”.


Going Hands-On With The Tempest Carbon

Back in December, we brought you word of the latest offering from Tempest, the Tempest Carbon. In that writeup, I lamented the fact that our friends over at aBlogtoWatch were able to spend some time with the prototype. Well, supporting the saying that “good things come to those who wait”, we actually got to spend some time with the prototype ourselves. So, what is it like having the Tempest Carbon on the wrist

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Watching the Web for March 14, 2015

Welcome to our weekly feature, Watching the Web, where Patrick and I get to point you toward some watch related articles we found across the WWW, as well as highlight some of the more popular articles over the last week or so from our own site. This week, I am going to start with Pi Day before getting to the real watch related posts: the Ressence New Type 3, a list of watches that dispense with traditional hands, and some smartwatch announcement that happened this week. From our own pages we have Patrick’s review of a custom strap from 74 Watch Straps, a revival of the Angelus brand with the U10 Tourbillon Lumière, and an older review of a Michael Kors watch.