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Watching the Web for April 16, 2016

Welcome back to our weekly roundup of interesting watch articles from around the web, as well as what proved to be the most popular from our own pages with you, our readers. From the wide, wide, wide world of watches, we have a photographic tour of what a watchmaker saw cross his desk in a day, a review of the Hager Commando GMT, and an editorial talking about why we, well, don’t talk about watch movement accuracy much in reviews. From our own pages, we have the watches of Jacques Cousteau, the review of the WT Author 1905, and the Vilhelm Elemental.


The true story of Marie Antoinette’s amazing $11 million watch

On this day in 1983 the most incredible watch in the world was stolen from the L.A. Mayer Museum of Islamic Arts in Jerusalem. The watch, called the Breguet No. 160, disappeared for decades until resurfacing in a dusty attic decades later. My book, Marie Antoinette’s Watch tells the whole story but, in honor of this unique anniversary, I’m posting two chapters detailing the theft of the most mysterious watch in the world, the amazing, $11 million Que


Introducing the Projects Watches Grand Tour

Whenever I get news of new releases from Projects Watches, I always make sure to pay attention. Sure, not every design is a solid win for me, but there is always at least one gem. That streak holds true with their upcoming (in May) re-release of the only dual-time Michael Graves-designed watch, the Projects Watches Grand Tour.


Virata vrooms into our lives with a racing-inspired look, nice price

Virata, the little watch company from Ohio, just sent me a prototype of their latest piece and I have to say I’m impressed. When I first wrote about the pieces I had just spoken to their creator, a dude named Patrick Wacks from Canton, Ohio. Wacks was inspired by Formula 1 racers and decided to test his engineering mettle by becoming a watchmaker. He succeeded.


Introducing the Greyhours Essential Collection

As you might imagine, we here at WWR are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to what we are going to cover. While a lot of it comes from relationships we’ve established with brands, some true surprises come out of a cold contact from a brand that we’ve not heard of. One of these recently came in from Hong Kong, in the form of the Greyhours Essential collection.