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Watching the Web for June 11, 2016

Welcome to our weekly round-up of watches on the web, which we cleverly call Watching the Web. Here, interesting articles and review on other watch sites are highlighted, and we also get to brag a bit on our own popular articles. This week, we have a review of the Benarus Vintage Moray, tips on finding the right watch salesperson for you, and the top 10 watches that get a nod from watch snobs. From our site, we have the latest chronograph from Manchester Watch Works, a review of the Alvieri Firenze, and Victor’s thoughts on the new movement from Ronda.


Introducing the moVas GMT III Diver

Dive watches. Who likes ’em? Well, just about everybody. How do you make a tool watch like a diver more useful? Via complications, of course. One of my personal favorites is the GMT, and that is what you get (as well as the date) with the just announced moVas GMT III Diver. Oh, you also get a somewhat quirky shape for a dive watch all in the bundle.


Spinning round with the Benson Black Series Watch Winder

While we have only featured a few different watch winders (here and here), there is no doubt that they are (or should be) a popular purchase for those with burgeoning mechanical watch collections. While our previous forays into reviewing winders have definitely been focused on the more affordable end of the spectrum, it was late last year that we ran across the Benson Black Series Watch Winders, which brought some nice design (and a few tricks) to the table. We have spent some time with one, and now we will share our thoughts.

Watch Video Rewind

Watch Video Rewind for June 5, 2016

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Watch Video Rewind, where we post watch related videos that peak our interest. This week, with Father’s Day just two weeks away, I thought I would post some video reviews/stories about a few watches I would love to receive for Father’s Day. Considering the situation, these will all be affordable to aspirational (at least for me), with nothing that gets too far out there.