Watching the Web for July 2, 2016

Thank you for stopping by to kick off the long holiday weekend with us and checking out Watching the Web, where we find and highlight articles on other sites that we think are interesting. This week, I am going to start off with a round-up of 8 quartz watches that may be worth a consideration, move over to a Swiss made Royal Oak Offshore inspired chrono, and finish up with a warning about forcing the patina on your bronze and brass watches. The other purpose of this post is to highlight the articles on our own site that you found most interesting this week, which were reviews of the Arcane Watch and the CJR Airspeed Regulator and a reader’s review of their own Sapaneva Korona K3 Northern Starts watch.


The CJR Airspeed Regulator

The CJR Airspeed Regulator watch launched on Kickstarter a short while ago, and so far, has raised over 93,000 US dollars. It’s powered by a Miyota 9015 movement. It’s got a really nice leather strap, sewn with cotton thread. I could tell you all these things, but none of that would tell you how cool a watch this is.


Introducing Arcane Watches

Hey, guys and gals, ready to hear about another new watch brand that’s starting up? Wait, wait, don’t run away. What if I told you it was all American-made (not just built in the States)? Ok, ok, well, how about if it managed to recycle not just old pocket watch movements (that’s how you can get an American-made movement), but also the material used for the case? Well, then, hopefully we have your interest, as the new Arcane Watches look to be interesting.