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Ocean7 LM2 V2 Review

Posted on 07 November 2013 by Patrick Kansa


Ocean7-LM2-V2 (10)

It’s been awhile since we’ve had Ocean7 on our pages, so it seems fitting that we’ll pick back up with them with one of their more popular watches that just got re-introduced: The LM2 V2. Continue Reading

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Posted on 09 May 2013 by Patrick Kansa



As a kid, I remember characters (in books or on TV) talking about running off to join the Foreign Legion (for some reason Bugs Bunny in that uniform is coming to mind).  Regardless of my fictional fascination with this organization, the French Foreign Legion does indeed exist to this day.  With that in mind,  Continue Reading

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Limes Updates The Chyros

Posted on 07 May 2013 by Patrick Kansa



If you recall, I was rather impressed by the Chyros when we reviewed it (here) last year.  This year, they’ve added an interesting twist to the model, placing a  Continue Reading

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Tissot For The Long Haul

Posted on 12 April 2013 by Patrick Kansa



Tissot has launced a new lineup () of luxury automatics that feature a rather impressive 80 hour power reserve.  This movement is parlayed into 19 different models (mostly different color schemes, as well as 9 women”s models).  Read on, and we”ll take a closer look at one from the collection. Continue Reading

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Archimede Has A Bronze Pilot On Offer

Posted on 26 February 2013 by Patrick Kansa



It”s been some time since we”ve featured an Ickler-designed case on these pages, and I think their latest model (in the Archimede family) is worth a look.

Continue Reading

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Introducing The Helberg CH1

Posted on 08 February 2013 by Patrick Kansa



Often times, a brand – be it automotive, clothing, or watch – will spin off a second division with its own brand name to produce products that don’t necessarily fit with the vision of the main brand, but are still interesting and worthy of standing on their own.  That seems to be happening now with the introduction of the new brand Helberg. Continue Reading

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Tactico Does An Encore

Posted on 01 December 2012 by Patrick Kansa


If you’re even remotely active in the online community, you’re likely aware of the Spanish brand t.a.c.t.i.c.o (referred to as Tactico here on out). Their first model, the TC1, Continue Reading

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How About A Bathys Automatic?

Posted on 07 November 2012 by Patrick Kansa


So, yesterday”s post might have let some folks down who wanted an automatic to read about.  And yes, Benthys does have automatics in the Benthic lineup (you can see those here).  However, I”d like to point out another model that you can currently get at a similar price. Continue Reading

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