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Introducing the Xeric Soloscope Collection

After what seemed to be a drought of interesting watch-related projects on the crowdfunding sites, we have been seeing a flood of more interesting things cropping up. Xeric (which the guys from Watchismo started up) has been creating watch designs that break from normal conventions, keeping in line with the quirky and interesting designs that they offer on their site. Their latest designs, in the form of the Xeric Soloscope collection, mix in some elements of previous models and bring some new things to the table.


Spacing out on History With the MMT Ephemeris

We rely on our watches to help us keep track of the passage of time. We may even use them to track some celestial happenings (moon phases, for instance). Sometimes, we may have a special watch that signifies a special day in our lives. What if you could combine all of those things into one package? Well, that is precisely what the MMT Ephemeris wants to do for you.


The Novus Is Strap-U-Tastic

What country, friends, is this? Why Straputania, my lady. Novus, a new Kickstarter watch is aiming at the fashion-forward folks with their new Colborne, Churchill, Bremner, and Mayfield. All of them have quick-release straps and enough understated sexiness for me to accept that they contain Ronda quartz movements.


The Tenero Automatic Stands Out from the Crowd-funded Crowd

As Matt and I have both mentioned in the past, we have noticed a lot of the same sort of watch being produced on Kickstarter (generally thin quartz two- or three-handers with a lot of marketing fluff). So, to see something crop up that has a bit more original of a design, then that is the sort of thing that makes you sit up and take notice. I am not saying that the Tenero Automatic will set the horological world on fire. It should, however, catch the eye of the those on the hunt for an interesting and affordable watch.


Seeing Through the Concept Watch O1

When it comes to watches on Kickstarter these days, there are a great many of what I have taken to referring to as “me too” watches – another inexpensive slimline quartz that is barely distinguishable from those that preceded it. Not that that is anything particularly wrong with a slim quartz watch – it is just that there are so many of them without any real variation in design or styling. In the midst of all of that, we do get gems popping through from brands we have never heard of, and the Concept Watch O1 is certainly one of those.