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Hands On With The Visitor Watch Co. Duneshore

Today, we are going to mix things up a little bit for you. Obviously, Kickstarter watches are not anything new. What is new (or at least different, as of late), is that it will not be Matt covering it. As it turns out, Visitor Watch Co. is a short train ride from Chicago, so its owner, Phil Rodenbeck, hopped on over to give me a hands-on look at the debut models in the Calligraph collection: the Visitor Watch Co. Duneshore.

Vincero Watches 02

Vincero Watches – Heart and Stone

I find it interesting when alternative materials are integrated into watches in an attractive way. That is why I am drawn to some wooden watches, and also why I was interested in the Vincero Watches project up on Kickstarter right now. For those of you who’s interests turn more to the solid feel of stone, this project may be something you want to check out.


Introducing the Waves Design Tesoro

It seems as of late, there’s truly no shortage of watch designs hitting the various crowd-funding sites. Some of them are taking things in the brand’s own direction, others pay homage to popular designs of the past – or current day. The latest we’ve run across, the Waves Design Tesoro, is definitely in that latter camp.


The Ralston Recon 6 is a Survival Kit on Your Wrist

Today, we’ve got a bit of a last-minute Kickstarter notice for you. I know normally we bring these to your attention with plenty of advance notice, but this one fell into my backlog, and, well, I’d rather pop this one up there than ignore it, as it’s bringing something to the table that I’ve not seen in a watch before. If you’re looking to have a survival kit built into a watch, the Ralston Recon 6 is your device.


Looking For A Yes Man?

Now, in popular vernacular, being a “yes man” is not something that many of us would aspire too (if you’re not sure what this is, just envision Smithers from The Simpsons, and you’re a long way there). There’s a new Kickstarter project that just recently started up (and already hit 100% funding) that is hoping you can overcome that association.

wristlet 02

Kickstarting Military Watches From Another Era

Over the weekend, I wrote about the history of the B10 (aka NATO) strap. While the nylon B10 has become almost a paragon of minimalism when it comes to watch straps, there’s another style that has military ties (just like the B10), but goes in almost the exact opposite direction, stylistically. That style is known as the “wristlet” – read on to learn more about this recently-launched Kickstarter project.