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The Halda Race Pilot Doubles Down

Posted on 02 December 2013 by Patrick Kansa


Halda-Race-Pilot (3)

When it comes to watches, I think many of us would opt for a mechanical watch first (say, for daily wear), and then might go for a digital display quartz when we’re really timing things to a precise level – say, racing down a track. Well, a company out of Sweden thinks that rather than you needing two watches, you just need their single system to have both of those points – mechanical mastery and digital accuracy. Continue Reading

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Precious Metals for Your Wrist

Posted on 27 November 2013 by Patrick Kansa

You know what I’m thankful for, here the day before Thanksgiving?  Well, lots of things, actually, but one I want to focus on is watch-related.  I’m quite thankful our pal Matt Himmelstein scours the crowd-funded crowds, and picks out the interesting watches to bring to your attention.  Today, he’s got a very interesting silver (or gold) watch for your consideration. Continue Reading

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Introducing the Xeric Xeriscope

Posted on 14 November 2013 by Patrick Kansa



When it comes to Kickstarter projects for watches, more often than not they are coming from brands that you’ve never heard of before. Or, if you have heard of them, it was from a prior project. Well, that’s about to change, as we found a project that’s from the same team that’s behind a site most (if not all of you) are familiar with – Watchismo. Continue Reading

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JEANRICHARD Terrascope Review

Posted on 01 November 2013 by Patrick Kansa


JEANRICHARD-Terrascope (4)

Today, we”re going to revisit a brand we first covered on these pages back in October - JEANRICHARD. While in that last post we covered their Aeroscope from a distance, today, we”ll be going through a hands-on review of their land-oriented model, the Terrascope.

Continue Reading

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Dubey & Schaldenbrand Grand Dome DT Review

Posted on 31 October 2013 by Patrick Kansa



Often, when you’re searching for a dressier watch, you find the same designs and combinations, often in a three-hand style. While there’s nothing wrong with that style (it’s a classic for a reason), it’s nice now and again to have something a bit different come up – and that’s what we have today from Dubey & Schaldenbrand. Continue Reading

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Refined Hardware Gatsby Watch Review

Posted on 22 October 2013 by Patrick Kansa


Refined-Hardware-Gatsby (14)

I’ve brought you word of some of Refined Hardware’s handiwork in the past, and today we’re able to bring you a hands-on review of one of their more recent limited edition models, the Project 2: Gatsby Edition. Continue Reading

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Posted on 01 October 2013 by Patrick Kansa



Today, I want to cover a brand we’ve not really looked at here at WWR – JEANRICHARD. They’ve created a variety of higher-end sports watches, and I want to focus in on one that I don’t know I’ve seen covered recently. Continue Reading

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Ronin Honors The Flieger

Posted on 20 September 2013 by Patrick Kansa


Ronin-Watch-Flieger (7)

When I hear the word “ronin”, I think of one of two things – either playing a Risk-style game (called ) based in feudal Japan (where you could send out ronin to do your bidding), or the crazy-awesome car chase in the De Niro movie of the same name. Today, I may just have to add another reference point to that phrase. Continue Reading

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