Great Big Custom Watch

I love watching custom pieces take shape. This one is no exception:

First, a friend of mine fabricated a case modeled after the MM20 with a custom broze crown tube and a sterile stainless steel back. He also fabricated a sandwich dial from a brass blank and modeled it after the MM20 minus the seconds sub-dial. Next, I finished the top sandwich dial with a flat black and flat clear coat to give it a vintage look. I also relumed the dial and hands with a custom blend of lume to give it a nice pantina look. The final steps were to polish the whole case and use the “wabi” technique to rough it up a bit. This was followed by putting everything together to make the Unitas movement fit and pressing on a new plastic crystal, which was done by my watch maker.

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  • gary l jamerson

    i have a simular project i’m working on. can you tell me if your friend is willing to make more custom watch cases?

  • tk

    hi. i’m interested in getting a case made. pls send me the contact info. thx

  • Jason

    Interested to custom make watch, can your friend helps ?

  • robert nadrich

    can he make w watch case for a minute repeater movement?