The Truth Behind the eBay Aeromatic

I’m going to be posting a review of the Tauchmeister, which is in the same vein, but here is more info on the Aeromatic, a notorious eBay brand. Also, check out our review here.

Aeromatic1912 and Tauchmeister1937 do obviously have the same source.

It´s not a German watch in terms of german knowledge, german watchmaking tradition, skills and chraftsmanship.
Most (if not all) of these watches are of chinese origin. They pretend to be luxury watches or “fine watches” and “exclusive watches” but they are not. But to admit that – they are affordable.

They maybe are assembled in Germany and therefore (due to a lack of a legal term) “Made in Germany”.

The consensus here in Germany/ on german watch fora (like is that Tauchmeister/Aeromatic is an “Ebay brand” made for online selling. So somebody out of the Frankfurt/Main – area came up with an idea, a name, a “history” and a homepage.

I wouldn’t buy them because I dislike that they “make” themselves a very famous exclusive German brand, which is a fairy tale. Imho a mechanical Seiko would be the better choice.

Aeromatic 1912 anyone know about this watch? [WatchUSeek]
Watch Page [Werners]



  • Hello does annybody now the address an email to the company that manufactures these watches?
    Your Bengt J

  • alex

    I have one of their self winding mechanicals and one (electric) chronograph.
    They are OK- i wear the mechanical which keeps reasnble time and looks very nice. The chronograph is OK too- its the one with the slide rule on the edge and is a little too busy for my eyes but works ok.
    ON quality for the price i rate my purchases as GOOD VALUE. Judging them on their self promotion is a little unfair- lots of brands stand on their fashion value rather then how good they ACTUALY are.
    I have several mechanical Seikos (5 series) and think that my watch ‘flyer sextant watch’ or somthing like that puts them all in the ground for looks and runs neck and neck (or better) on accuracy.

  • Alex

    Now have three moor watches- inc a mechanical chronograph (for 200 bucks I cant argue about the price)
    All three mechanicals keep what i would call reasnable time- VARIATION in time is small so I can tell how fast they are by knowing the day.
    These are “fun” watches to wear, I’d never wear a watch worth even 500 bucks for day to day for fear of breaking it. There are better watches I am sure- but not many of better VALUE.

  • Jm

    I have a Aeromatic Chronograph. I have it for more than two years, the quality is surprisingly very good! It looks like an expensive antique, the face and back looks well done. Patek Philip looks for Fossil watch price.

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  • The review is asinine. Notorious E-Bay brand? They are also sold through Long Island Watch and other web sources. I don’t know if they have retail distribution in the U.S. yet—-but so what? They are sold through European websites, on Amazon, E-Bay and independent internet sellers. Chinese? Where is the evidence of that? Movements are Swiss (Ronda) and Japanese (Miyota/Citizen). Assembly is in Germany. A German company designs the watches and specs them, assembles them, packages them. It’s possible that the bands/bracelets, crystals and cases are made in China—-I really don’t know. What’s your point? The value for the dollar is fantastic. Heavy, durable cases, bands and crystals, precision, high quality movements, unique styling. Prices range from under a hundred U.S. dollars up to the mid-200s—-and for what you get, I think they’re a great buy. They aren’t “making themselves” exclusive or anything else. They’re putting out some nice timepieces.

  • Thomasinwonderland

    I bought a Tauchmeister watch and it had a Swiss Ronda quartz movement which was the most accurate watch that I ever owned. But it was cartoonishly large and I had problems with the crown falling apart. I have ordered an Areomatic 1912 chronograph which has a Japanese Miyota quartz movement and I hope for better luck. It seems that the cases and assembly is done in China-but you must check to ascertain the movement used. The Swiss and Japanese movements are good quality. Not sure about any Chinese movements.