Blancier Crazy Planet

March 31, 2008 . by John Biggs

I’m assuming the watch doesn’t really spin like a Looney Tune on drugs, but here’s Blancier’s latest creation, the Crazy Planet with a clever external gear system that adds a bit of cool to the beefy three-handed design. More news on pricing and availability as we get it, but Blancier has been pumping out the…

Buscum Ducis Watches Redux: An interview with 21-year old founder Sven van der Zande

March 28, 2008 . by John Biggs

Sven van der Zande of Buscum Ducis is young entrepreneur in the best way. Taking risk, while putting forth a product and business built on idealism and the customer. Although he denies the idealism, his focus on the customer sends another message in a time when companies buy up old names for marketing purposes. At…

B&R Minuteur

March 27, 2008 . by John Biggs

Bell & Ross makes monster watches and this is their latest. It’s has both a tourbillion — the odd spinning thing that rotates ones per hour and ostensibly offsets the effects of gravity — and a Miniteur. A Miniteur is like a chronometer but it measures tens of minutes and minutes and not hours, minutes,…

Buscum Ducis

March 24, 2008 . by John Biggs

Reader and watch fan Sven just sent me some concept art for his new line of watches, Buscum Ducis. He’s building prototypes right now and we can expect final product in about two months. I always love it when folks decide to build their own watches. It shows that not just the big houses can…

LIP Watches

March 24, 2008 . by John Biggs

Our buddy Watchismo is selling these wild pieces on his online store. LIP is a 150-year-old French watch company that launched a series of Mach 2000 watches back in the boogie nights of 1973. The odd styling and off-center face speak of a simpler time when men were men and watchmakers were on acid. This…

A Stowa Airman cake: Yeah, your wife doesn't love you this much

March 21, 2008 . by John Biggs

A reader on CrunchGear posted a comment discussing the Kindle cake beloved by Jeff Bezos. He pointed online casino out that the ladies tend to like to make these cakes and that his wife made a freaking Stowa Airman cake for his birthday.


March 19, 2008 . by John Biggs