• kenneth

    is that what the alarm is supposed to sound like?
    it sounds broken

    the only other (auto) watch with an alarm I’ve seen that I liked was a UN like this one:

    but maybe that’s not an alarm, I think you have to activate it (and it’s way too expensive 😉 )

    I’m not sure I like that PAM’s noise

  • Van

    Do it! I can’t spring for one yet, allow me the vicarious pleasure.

    The alarm is pretty raucous, but vibrates enough a stone deaf guy would wake up for it. As my hearing slips away and more people mumble, I can appreciate this.


  • SteveK

    Yep, that’s what the alarm is supposed to sound like, it’s a “cricket” style alarm.

    Before you pay the $6550-$8500 price tag these things usually go for, remember that it’s just a GP alarm/GMT movement in a Panerai case. There are a handful of alarm/GMT watches in the $3000 range.

    But, personally, I really, really like the PAM 98.

  • who else uses this movement, @SteveK?

  • Hello,
    I would like to get in touch with the person in charge of this blog. How can I do?

  • Gothian

    Oh man, that alarm totally turned me off. With that money I’ll be another one


  • Andrew Schiller

    I love all the strange and rare movements that you bring to us. But this is just a mechanical alarm. I have one on my Zeno Limited Edition Mechanical. It says it is a 2612.1 movement, I assume that is ETA.

  • Phil

    My alarm is almost not audible . Problem?