Review: Stuhrling Atlas

DLF_6200The Atlas is a completely different style from the Centurion. Where the Centurion is big and bulky, the Atlas is more subtle, and has several more mainstream design elements. It’s finish is a rose gold tone, however the case is still surgical steel, and the band is still a thick, flexible, durable rubber. Again, the build quality is quite good, and not necessarily what you’d expect from a timepiece at this price point.

The Atlas uses a different movement from the Centurion, the chinese made ST90014, which has three more complications then the one in the Centurion. In addition to the standard hour and minute hand, the Atlas also has a sub-dial for the date and second, and an additional subdial with a “power” meter. It’s still an automatic self-winder, but at least with this watch you can see if you need to manually wind it or not.
It does keep excellent time, and it does look good. However there are a couple of things that I don’t particularly care for about the Atlas. One issue is the previously mentioned “power meter”. It indicates that if you wind it to full, that the watch would have (one would assume) 48 hours worth of wind in it. The truth is more like 18-20. Not a major issue if you are using it for daily wear, but if you keep it in the drawer, then it can be deceptive. The other issue I have is that it just doesn’t look finished to me. The clear areas under the hands show blank steel. I like the skeletonized look, but show us some gears or the movement or something like that. Plain steel is just boring.

Overall, the Atlas is another good watch from Stuhrling. Not my favorite, but it is dependable, well built, and I would consider it a good value for your buck.