Review: Stuhrling Millenia XT

SM1The Stuhrling Millenia XT uses the same movement at the Centurion, but that’s where the similarities end. Where the Centurion was blocky, square and sharp edged, the Millenia has a very graceful curve, an almost elegant feel to it. Obviously based off of the classic “tank” style timepieces of the 1920’s, the Millenia brings that concept up to date in a big way.

The Millenia XT is a rose gold colored, surgical steel cased timepiece. Utilizing the ST 90089 movement, it is an automatic, but this movement keeps it simple. No fancy dates, or sub-dials, just a reliable movement that keeps good time. Stuhrling did make some design choices to make the watch pop a bit though, there is a carbon fiber layer behind the face, and a rose gold accent plate just behind the hands. This really adds a modern feel to a classic design. And despite the fact that the Millenia is a larger watch, it doesn’t feel bulky. The graceful curve lets the watch lay comfortably against the wrist.

The Millenia uses a rubber band again, like all the Stuhrlings that we’ve reviewed this week. Personally, I don’t care for the rubber. I understand that it is more durable then leather, but I really feel that a watch like the Millenia is cheated by the lack of a more elegant leather band.

As with the rest of the Stuhrling line, the focus is on affordable quality. The Millenia XT is one of my personal favorites out of the watches we’ve reviewed this week, and is quite reasonably priced on Amazon for $190.



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