Review: Casio GA-100 G-Shock

The G-Shock is a tough watch to love. They’re Casio’s answer to the Timex Ironman and, while they’re quite rugged, the line has drifted towards Swatch-esque fashion models. Well, I’m glad to report the GA-100 brings it all back home with a world-time feature and stop watch that brings to mind the Citizen Skyhawk series with its dedicated readout windows below bold hands.

The so-called “Three Eye” design (I guess the three dials – one analog and two digital – are the eyes? Whatever) and huge hands make this thing quite readable. The watch is light – about 70g – the watch is surprisingly cheap at about $99. It has a 1/1000th of a second stop watch, countdown timer, 29 time zones, and four alarms. It is shock and magnetically resistant, so you can wear it in the hatch in Lost.

I wore this piece for a few days and was pleased by the size and readability. My biggest pet peeve is the lume/light combo that is just silly. The pips and hands are lightly lumed – you can technically read the time in the dark – and there is a small LED light at six o’clock that casts a pale orange glow over the face. A little backlighting would have been great here. Instead, you get something that looks like it should be flickering inside a pumpkin.

That said, for under $100 you’re doing just fine. It comes in multiple colors including black-out (dark face and hands), orange, and white. It’s a great sports watch and should survive underwater without many problems. If you’re looking for a weekend beater, this is one to watch.

Here’s a bonus video… in Russian. Just turn down your speakers.

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  • sYgnal

    “They’re Casio’s answer to the Timex Ironman”

    Umm… The G-Shock came out first. Plus, Timex doesn’t even come close in quality,puhleeze!

    Honestly, you found roughly three things you didn’t like on the watch and essentially called the whole line a “tough watch to love”. Why? Because it didn’t cost $3000+? Dude, I still have a working G-Shock from the mid 90s that I wore in the military and it’s funny because all of my pals bought the Ironman for the olive drab wrist band. Those Timex watches didn’t last a few months in training. I’d take one of these $99 bad boys over that Citizen i:Virt POS any day of the week…

  • jic


    That’s a big overreaction to an overwhelmingly positive review. Anyway, he explained exactly why he called the line “a tough watch to love”:

    “while they’re quite rugged, the line has drifted towards Swatch-esque fashion models.”

  • sean

    Obviously, the article writer knows nothing about watches . . .

  • It looks good, but I don’t actually like its features. A lot other watches can be found on the market.

  • jic


    I was thinking the opposite: nice features, but ugly as hell.

  • John Biggs

    @sean Yes, obviously.

  • humginger

    what a piece of shit

  • zildjansg each his own


  • CJGINC31

    Just bought the all black errything GA 100 today. Pretty cool watch for about 100 bucks. The backlight can be set to turn on automatically if you tilt your wrist 45 degrees. The ana-digi is a great look. Great watch overall.

  • Greetings from remote northeastern state of India- Assam.
    Last week I brought the all everything (Dark Knight) as they have nick named it after a wait of almost a year since its launch.

    Got a discount of Rs.500/- and a G-Shock rubber print black polo tee FREE.

    This watch is awesome !!

  • We purchased a Casio GA-100-1A4DR model. I started using this model from past 4 day but facing couple of major hurdles/issues on the deszine aspect.

    1)While the minute needle moves from 15minutes till 25 Minutes & 35 to 44 Minutes + Hour needle when it positions on the same location is causing very inconvenience 2 read the digital reading. Will not be able to use stop watch or other functions that r given during these timings.
    2)In this model the hour needle with red color is not able to recognize as easier as the minute hand with is white in color.
    3)@ night times, its very difficult to read out the time as there is no radium on hour & minute needles. The light switch that is provided is so bright that u can c only the light than anything else. (The radium effect is provided on the dial’s but of no use.)

    Look wise it is realy great but deszine wise it is not good. This was a gift from my wife on this new year she had selected different brand but it was me who made the chocie of going with CASIO as I love and belived on the brand but I will surely suggest people not to pick this model/series.

  • Alex

    Nice features, this watches are great!.

  • Alex


    Totally agree!…

  • ev3wt

    Reviewer should not make reviews.

  • Beats By Dre

    I was thinking the opposite: nice features, but ugly as hell.

  • nice inforamtion

  • Teun Teunissen

    This watch is huge that’s why it’s so great!!

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  • g-shock lover

    I was on the lookout for a great looking analogue g-shock but unfortunately this certainly isn’t it. Nice features but aesthetically… its just an overcrowded, cluttered, massive chunky mess,