Fossil to Buy Skagen Designs


Chalk this up as a move I didn’t see – though I did think my Skagen and Fossil watches were getting a bit chummy in the watch box.  We learned today, courtesy of the folks at IW Magazine, that Fossil will be buying Skagen Designs.

What this means for us of course remains to be seen.  Both brands have a track record of solid, fashion-oriented watches.  I’ve liked Skagen’s sleek and slim designs, and Fossil has had some clean designs of it’s own over the years in the sports segment.  Time will tell if one will influence the other, or if they’ll continue on independent paths.

For more reading, here’s MarketWatch’s take.



  • Avdejesus

    Could it be that Skagen’s trying to survive and the only way to do it is to
    “merge”? hmmm..interesting…

    • Could be. No word if it was Skagen shopping themselves around, or if Fossil was just in a mood to grow via acquisition.

  • Has anyone noticed an influence on Skagen watch design since Fossil’s purchase of the company?