REVIEW: Ritmo Mundo Reflex


So, it’s no surprise that silicone-encased watches are a big part of the market.  Mix that in with the slap-bracelet watches we’ve seen lately, and you get the model we’re looking at from Ritmo Mundo.

Specifically, it’s the Reflex model, shown here in blue.  The main feature, of course, is the slap bracelet function.  Of course, this one adds an almost Star Trek-style feeling to it (or maybe Night Rider) with how the date and time are displayed.

There are two rows of very bright LEDs – the row on the left takes care of the tens; the row over on the right takes care of the single digits.  While this requires you to do a quick bit of arithmetic to figure out the time (or date), it is entertaining to watch the LEDs pulse up and down to get things displayed.

At 32mm wide x 242mm long, this should fit on most wrists.  Just be careful you don’t try to swim with it, as it’s only rated to 10m water resistance.  You’ll also want to bear in mind, to keep the bracelet so slim, the battery is housed in a bulge at one end of the bracelet, which will  likely end up under your wrist.  For me, that didn’t impinge on the comfort, but your mileage may vary.

So, how much will it cost you to slap one of this retro-futuristic watches (in one of ten colors) on your wrist?  Unfortunately, they run at about $150.  Certainly not something that breaks the bank, but it does feel a tad high for what you’re getting, in terms of timekeeping tech.  Of course, this is one of the coolest implementations of LEDs on a watch I’ve seen in some time…