GANT (Yes, GANT) Releases A Wristwatch Line

A million be-slacked boys have cursed the name of GANT for most of their puberty and now, with much fanfare, they can also check the time on their GANT branded watches.

Called the L.A.S., it is a quartz piece with a grains of rice bracelet and it has a domed plexiglas crystal and “epoxy coated” bezel (classy!). It will cost $225 in regular stores or $60 when it inevitably hits the watch case at T.J. Maxx.

Crafted in line with old watch-making traditions, the L.A.S has a timeless look with a stainless steel case, a domed Plexiglas crystal and an epoxy coated rotatable bezel. It comes in three stylish shades of metallic: classic navy, stylish brown and a sporty orange. Among the watches’ distinct characteristics is the metal mesh strap, a nod to the timepiece’s vintage roots. It is delivered in a special GANT Rugger vintage Gift Box in washed military canvas that makes a handsome contrast to the steely elegance of the watch. Bastian has dedicated this watch to menswear editor and author Lawrence A. Schlossman, who knows the menswear game inside and out.

Arguably, any watch that pays homage to the divers of old is OK in our book, but I’m concerned that this brand might not be cool even in an ironic way. Although Penguin pulled off a renaissance, I think the maker of slacks that every boy wore to church/temple every weekend for 16 years might have an image problem.



  • Ben

    I dunno, John. As Joe Strummer sang, “he who f—s nuns will later join the church.”

  • Administrator

    An interesting thought.

  • Administrator

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  • Patrick Kansa

    Comments is comments. I guess Disqus is nice in that it can tie to your FB or Twitter account to pull an Avatar in.