What Is An Oulm?



I’m not sure what it might be – but in terms of today’s post, we’ll say it’s defined as a cheap watch (take that however you want it).  In this post, I’ve popped in pictures of various models that I’ve come across on the web.   If you want to see a whole range (none more than $20 that I noticed), I’d suggest this Google search.

images (2)

So, how did I come across these, you might ask?  It’s not like I could find a company website – no, this is courtesy of one of my good friends, who sent it along after he ran across them.

main (2)

From what I can tell, these are coming in from any variety of vendors straight (I’m guessing) from the factory in China.  This is the only way to explain the low, low prices we’re seeing here.  Yes, they do promise a stainless steel case, mineral crystals, and the like – and they may well have those.  Just don’t be surprised if your skin turns green.


Most of these watches have dual registers driven by quartz movements; quite a number of them also tuck in a thermometer (in Celcius) and one of the smallest compasses I’ve seen.  So you might say, “hey, cheap watch for when I go camping – perfect!”  I’m going to opt for “not so much”.  If you want a beater for the outdoors, get a G-Shock or Timex Expedition (or maybe even a Suunto), something that will hold up and remain accurate.


So, what are these watches good for?  I can only think of a few scenarios – either you’ve got an unsuspecting kid you need a gift for, or you want to see a simultaneously pained and puzzled expression on the face of your watch-loving friends.  So, yes – if you don’t have any better use for your $20 (like, say, supporting your favorite watch review site) then by all means, pick one of these up.  There are some very high-quality watches coming out of China – but I don’t think that these are them.



  • Javier

    You have tested? i have oulm watch (first image) and works ok after one year for only 8 euros, cheap and good. I love this watch. And i have 35 years… not a kid.

  • Patrick Kansa

    No, to be honest, we have not tested these. I’m glad to hear it’s working well for you!

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  • Brent Stone

    I have about 8 Oulum watches and they keep very good time. Better than watches priced the same in the U.S.

  • Brent Stone

    Oh, I meant to say I don’t think these are for kids only. I’m 47 years old and love watches and purchased 8 of these.

    • Patrick Kansa

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • Anonymous

    I also have the watch pictured first . I’m in the UK the watch came free deliveryfrom China there were 7000+ watches to choose from on the site. So far the watch has been accurat

  • Anonymous

    Why pay much much more for a watch that lacks the unique style of these watches mine keeps good time and gets alot of compliments ……doesnt hurt if people assume it cost alot

  • Anonymous

    So, a negative review based on nothing but styling, price and origin. On what planet does “I haven’t tried one but I don’t like the look or price” count as a review? I don’t own one of these but I think I might buy one just in spite of this atrocious “review”.

  • I just got one . I like it. It a conversation starter for shure. And for 15 $ its a steal

  • Science Officer Nichols

    Does anyone know whether or not the first one waterproof?

    I have it, I’ve tested the temperature gauge, and it seems to work. I left it next to an open window when it was cold out, and the needle went backwards; when I put it on my wrist away from the window, it went forwards after a bit. Not so sure about the compass though… In the area of timekeeping, it seems to do just fine.

  • Anonymous

    Just got my watch for Christmas, I know they are not the best buti like there styles. I use watches more for looks and not function

  • Anonymous

    Agree with anonymous that this is a none review based on nothing but here say. For the money of course they are not going to be a meticulous piece of swiss engineering, but that’s not what they’re being sold as. I have bought two Oulum watches as alternative time pieces with a bit of original styling way over what you may pay in the hundreds of pounds for in other UK high street jewellers. My advice to Patrick Kansa “Better for people to think you’re stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!”

  • 1234

    I have two of these watches and the band is “B” grade the watch itself about a “C” but looks really good. It definitely has the appearance of a more expensive watch. No issues with time or breaking yet

  • Jason MacKay

    If the watch keeps good time and I like the way it looks, who cares then? These seem perfect for anyone who’s not a watch snob.

    • Gator0424

      I recently bought 2 for $25 from Amazon. I love them. Have gotten many compliments on them. Watches are heavy and do not feel cheap. If it breaks before long, hey it was $12. For a cheap watch these are great.

  • Clint Barnett

    Sounds like you are basing your opinion on where it was made and haven’t even so much as touched one. How is this a review?

    • Patrick Kansa

      Never claimed it was a review – just a watch I ran across on the web and wrote up.

  • Kae

    It’s look great! May I ask , All Oulm Watches brand from China and the price around not more than 20sUS$ do all them are genuine or just replicate ?? Do the price of genuine oulm watch are around these ?? Does it have a replicate watch?? Does the real origin factory of oulm watch brand are from China?? Please feel free to answer me .Thank you in advance for your answer.

  • Stiubhart

    Oulm is a Swedish company, you will find their website here: http://www.oulm.se/

    • Marcos Lopez

      thanks! I’m doing research to possibly sell these watches

      • Momen Nabil

        Did you find it salable ?

  • Watch Lover Happy

    I was a skeptic but took a chance on an Oulm. I have a few dozen watches from major brands that range from $100 to $7000. Some traditional and some unusual. The Oulm that I purchased was less than $10 and I love it. It keeps time, looks very nice, and is comfortable. My wife was very surprised that I would even entertain wearing such an inexpensive watch knowing the collection I already have. I have since purchased 5 other Oulm watches and have been impressed with each one. Haven’t had a problem with any of them, whereas I HAVE had some issues with the more expensive brands I own.

  • drew

    As most people here, I have a fairly extensive high end watch collection ranging from $600 to $5500, and I can’t praise these Oulm watches enough. Theyre brutally original, extremely well built and they function flawlessly.. I currently own four and I will continue to purchase more as time goes on. A brand snob has no place writing a watch “review”, if you can even consider this short sighted article as such.

  • Nestor Lofranco

    i have just got one watch and i love it..so unique in design and many people ask me how nice is my watch..

  • John Smith

    Reviewing something you have not viewed!
    This is the world we live in, unfortunately…

  • Kevin M.

    I just bought two watches for $24. So far, on one watch, if I move my wrist too hard, the hands of the clock will move. Watches LOOK great, but MINE aren’t the best.

  • M Palin

    Ugliest POS watches I’ve ever seen.

  • dfcvda .

    I just ordered one, I will take full responsibility for that action…and live with it.

  • Harry smallcock

    Horrible article- this moron didnt even buy one to test out. Like others mentioned, I love mine that was $12 US and I get more compliments from it daily then my one friend who bought a $3000 watch. Its a military designed watch, its not meant to go camping with. Learn how to write an article with a point buddy.

  • BigD

    I’m curious I’ve purchased my oulm watch from an iPhone app called wish and it says they are originally $40 but then show that they are 70% off so saving $28 I’m guessing that $40 is a fabricated number then. I was just curious if anyone knew anything about that.

  • After four Timex’s failed (total time less than 6 months) – I quit Times.

  • Edgar

    Most no-brand watches at Target and Walmart are in the $10 to $15 and you can bet your ass they come straight from China. I don’t see how these any different.

  • James Jimi Lane

    I bought one on a shopping app. 1) Yes, it came from China. 2) It was only $5 US. 3) No, I wasn’t expecting much. And lastly 4) It’s one of the most Awesome watches I have ever owned! It’s very attractive, and I get positive comments on it all the time. It’s very Unique, all my friends want one (but then it wouldn’t be unique any more). It keeps perfect time and the leather band has held up better than any $50+ watch I have purchased from Macy’s or Jewelry Stores! This guy needs to talk about something he has first hand knowledge of, because this ain’t it!

  • Seb parsons

    I bought one of these. The very top one. I bought if to go caving to use the compass to follow maps underground. The compass don’t work unless you hold it perfectly level and tap it. And the thermometer is inaccurate as it picks up on the heat of your wrist.

  • Jfigs

    This “brand” knocks off about half of the Diesel line. Straight up knockoffs. Ive seen them knock off other brands too.

  • Jay

    So let me get this straight… Your friend found you some watch pics. You then decided to make a review of the watch brand you can’t even find the maker for and make statements with phrases like “I’m guessing”; not a great plan. Then ultimately finish your review off with denouncing the brand, suggesting it only be for children and that the readers should spend their $20 on something else, like a website that gives reviews for watches they can’t be bothered to test?

    It may not be a great watch, but at least if I spend my $20 on it I’ll get something concrete vs dumping $20 into an “I’m guessing based on internet pictures alone it’s not a good watch” review site. My only hope for people tossing their $20 into this site is that they have other “writers” besides you that might take the time to research the product properly before making conclusions.

    Oh, and with a 2 minute search, the company name is Guangzhou Oulm Watch Co., Ltd. and they have a website for private label watch development.

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  • Dean Dardzinski

    I just received my Olum $6 watch from China today. It is the one they touted as being a “Russian Mens Military Three Time Zone PU Strap Analog Quartz Wristwatch”. So far so good. First, it is as advertised on the website, Second, it was in pristine condition, Third, it works as stated. I am impressed with the quality vs. price aspect. Perfect.

  • David Candland

    I purchased one of their watches and was very impressed. It had a really cool design and was stainless steel – it did not look cheap at all. I get many compliments. I saw the exact same watch online with a men’s clothier that was $99.99! I kid you not! I can’t speak for all their watches but I’m very happy with mine.

  • Dick Holmes

    i have purchased 2 Oulm watches and they have been fantastic, Model 1349 and HP9865.
    The website is easy to find just type Oulm Watches into Google to find the company website.
    I have received many compliments on both watches as they are both a bit out there in terms of design.
    I can’t knock these watches as I found them excellent value for the money and they haven’t turned Green either.