For our first review of the new year, you might be thinking that I’m recycling one from last year.  And, while the similarities to that watch are there, this one is definitely it’s own thing.


The watch is THE Time-IT watch, from the company of the same name.  You can read some more (here) about how the company started, but the snapshot is that they started in 2006 with the original model.  The current iteration, which we’re showcasing here, was their effort at making a more affordable model, and there they’ve succeeded.


In terms of functionality for a watch, it’s pretty straight-forward.  One button allows you to set the time, and the other triggers the time display.  And the display, of course, is where the watch sets itself apart.  Pressing the button triggers an animation with the LEDs marching up and down the bracelet; they then settle in to display the time.  And reading that time is pretty simple, as the digits are printed on top of the LEDs.


As a silicone-encased slap-watch, it’s fairly comfortable, and isn’t prone to sliding around your wrist.  You do have the electronics module puck which rides on the underside of your wrist, but I really didn’t find it to be an issue.  Yes, it would be nice if it was slimmer, but I think that’s just part and parcel of how these types of watches need to be constructed.


And now for best part about this watch – it’s only going to cost you around $75, in your choice of eleven color combinations (full catalog).  While this sort of styling isn’t appropriate for every setting, I do find it to be a pretty cool watch (then again, that may just be the techie in me being drawn to LEDs).  Yes, it won’t be an “every day” sort of watch, but it’s  a good one for the weekends, and mesmerizing kids.