A Sunday Morning History Lesson For You


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For many, cracking open the Sunday is likely a tradition you grew up with, and perhaps even carry on to this day.  While I can’t guide you to watch info in that medium, I can point you towards a very interesting article from the Wall Street Journal.

The article in question covers the history behind Abraham Louis-Breguet, his genius in watchmaking, and his eventual path to creating the very first wrist watch.  Who knows – this might even be good background to read up on before John’s book hits.


You can read the WSJ article here; let me know in the comments if you like these sort of educational-type posts on the weekends.




  • Horoticus

    Fascinating reading! Thank you for sharing this unique piece of history. Please continue posting this type of article.

  • Yes please, more of this!

  • Charlie

    Thanks for posting this. I wouldn’t of known of the article otherwise. Keep them coming.

  • Jonro

    Great idea! Please post more of these articles.


    Love reading stories like this. Yes more please!

  • I agree with the other commenters, please continue this.